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4.02 World History

No description

Jesse Mendez

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of 4.02 World History

by Jesse Mendez FLVS 4.02
World History -Businesses
-Sewer Systems
-Underground Railroads
-Important Landmarks MAP KEY Business in
New York TITLE List of various parties in New York:
-Right to Life
-Working Families
Political Features -Adirondack Mountains
-Catskill Mountains
-Hudson River
-Onelda Lake
-Lake Erie
-Lake Ontario
-Liberty Island
-Fingers Lakes PHYSICAL
-Animals (Fish)
-Rich soils
Resources Nowadays, the way trade is portrayed is that someone goes to the store, and exchanges cash for an item of some sort. Back then, people use to trade various items such as fish, wood, oil, or tea. They had arrived in new york using boats/ships. Trade I would visit Time Square
in New York because there are
lots of different shops to go to and
lots of places to hang out with friends.
I would especially go to time square on
new years eve to watch the ball drop
and celebrate. Languages The various languages spoken in New York are: English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Italian, Russian, German, Korean.
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