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Proposal for Social Media Events

No description

Fan Wu

on 7 October 2016

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Transcript of Proposal for Social Media Events

Current Situation
Customer education is required since we are reaching out to a new market, extend the market!
Customers don't understand or trust us, so we do free trails.
Audience on Facebook are more young people, so we reach out to them, by topics like diet, exercise and nutrition, and them their parents.
Events Planing
Detailed Plan - timeline
100+ sign-ups for free trail
Create visibility and raise awareness
100+ likes on Facebook page
200+ click-through from social media referral
Collect customer feedbacks
FREE trial of virtual nurse
New, limited time
July 25th - 27th (For individuals)

July 29 (for doctors)
New product: talk to nurses for personal needs;
upcoming product is free only for 3 days on July 25-27
perfect for consulting senior citizens or family members on complicated medical needs
Hot topics?
free new easy-to-use convenient
state of the art
healthcare innovators & asking your feedbacks
sign-up process
5 nurses, 1 CEO, 2 sales (computers, mics, skype accounts, video blog)
rooms, food, drinks
uniform/name cards
intake sheet for free trail (contact info & feedbacks)
online survey
record conversation testing
July 18
July 22
July 25-27
First 3 days
social media set-up
news release
flyer design & card for direct sales
sending messages through all the members' personal networking (facebook, linkedin...)
1 week in middle
updates on social media daily (news & videos)
direct sales in local community
send out e-newsletters
reach out to other medical groups (by phone, social media, & e-mail)
Post ads on meetup.com and ...
Video Blog
topic - raise questions and ask them call for answers
video resume of our registered nurses
one post everyday
Cooperate with PainPoints
collect the events result to demonstrate that Virtual Nurse can really help with patient satisfaction
real-time demonstration by kal and our virtual nurse & ask them to take the free-trail
July 24
record the events
take pictures
collect feedbacks
ask for social media referalls
July 15
Proposal for
social media events

medicine intake;
diet exercise nutrition;
metal health;
health concern;
Efforts Tracking
1. Materials
2. News Release
Website & Facebook
Video & V-blog
Traffic analysis
Social Media
Sign-up & Calling
Online & Offline
Distributing Flyer & Cards among Local Community - Did Cambridge only
Direct Mails to cover all MA area - not done
Online website - Craigslist (done), meetup.com, ...
Email to other healthcare group
Messages to other healthcare group on social media
Future Events-
Tickets for Webinar
Face to face free trail
didn't reach out to enough potential customers in advance;
the messages we are sending were not highly targeted;
sent conflict messages to audience
Establish audience base on social media
Outbound is more effective than inbound at this time
Video Blog -
Keep updating
detailed topics
Website Optimization
One-click Free Trial
Unique Visits increased by 72.45%
New Visits increased by 39.87%
5.06 average page per visit
29.86% of visits only visit one page
Calling and Signing up does not show as good as the social media buzz we created.
*Compared to the data of a week before the campaign
Created a audience base on social media
Started a buzz from scratch
Established Engagement
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