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No description

soleil solita

on 2 December 2012

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Transcript of same

About Me; The next topic is... Soleil; okay, now you can go. I like all types of genre but,
I have a soft spot for pop.
My favorite artists are; I'm Soleil, obviously you would know that from the title. Food and the internet is probably what keeps me alive. I have been alive for 12 years now, almost 13. Sarcasm is the language that I speak. MUSIC Justin Bieber Demi Lovato This next video is, One Direction's
latest music video this song is very meaningful. I find it perfect. and... Taylor Swift MOVIES Movies always finds a way to make me emotional.
The type of movie I usually watch are horror and romantic/sad movies. I get very emotional watching movies especially movies from Nicholas Sparks like; and... SPORTS! I would say, I'm pretty active.... At school. I'm in the Volleyball team, just finished Cross Country.
My goal this year is to join everything, every sport.
The sports I'm joining are; Volleyball Track & Field and, a lot more. I hope you enjoyed my prezi! :) HOBBIES What I usually do when
I get home is, go on my blog.
My blog absolutely means everything to me.
I've worked so hard to gain followers and
make it look how I want it to. Running
a blog isn't very easy. This is what my blog looks like; I blog about so many different things.
I can't even remember half the things I blog about.
But some are T.V shows, actors, artists and models. Oh, before you go.
watch Justin do his thing. ;) Justin is my idol and my inspiration.
Justin has lots of haters.
When Justin
gets hate I usually laugh at them because they`re only hating because they have no life and
they will never go far or as successful as
Justin. this i my cat Milo
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