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People's Assembly

1 September 2016

Urmo Kubar

on 5 October 2016

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Transcript of People's Assembly

People's Assembly:
Some Observations from a Deliberative Democracy Initiative in Estonia 2012-13
Urmo Kübar
5 topics:
Method: crowd-sourcing
Openness of political landscape
Financing of the political parties
Public participation in policy making
Electoral system
Political patronage
website for proposing and commenting ideas
The team:
+ communication & IT specialists
Within 3 weeks:
57 000 visits from 70 countries
2055 registered users
Nearly 1500 posts on 5 topics, ca 6000 ideas
Photos: Postimees
systemisation of ideas and impact analysis
59 sub-categories analysed by ca. 30 experts
Seminars: experts and authors of the proposals together
Photo: Postimees
6 April:
deliberation day
Representative random sample of 314 people
18 questions
7 hours
What is needed for
Ca. 100 000 euros
+ countless hours of voluntary work
Somewhere in the Southern Estonia
9 April 2013
same day in Tallinn:
14 weeks

Political Parties Act, Jan 2014
"Petition Act", March 2014
Civil society in Estonia
Number of registered org-s: ca. 32,000
% of population as members of CSOs: ca. 30%
% of population volunteering: 19%
% of population donating money: 21%

USAID CSO Sustainability Index: 1st out of 69 countries
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