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Bob Proctor - TIR Preview Presentation

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Joshua Boswell

on 20 February 2017

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Transcript of Bob Proctor - TIR Preview Presentation

2. Consistent Repetition of Ideas that Represent the Blueprint You Want
Connecting Mind and Money
Automatic Wealth
The Invisible Factor
There is an unseen force in your life. It defines how, when, and how much money you make.

It operates automatically and often against your conscious wishes and better judgement.

Meet Steve and Nancy...
The Rise and Fall of Steven's Business
Raised Poor.
Dad felt money was "evil"
Built $1.2 million business
Lost it all with 9/11
Ended up living with relatives
The Automatic Return of Nancy's Wealth
Grew up poor
Parents felt money was "evil"
Built $2.3 million company
Lost everything to fraud
Within 2 years had $3.6 million business
"Tell me what you want, and I'll show you how to get it!" ~ Bob Proctor
7 Minutes to Wealth
Make a list of "Wants"
Describe "Why" You Want It
Picture "What" Your New Life Looks Like

You Have Infinite Potential
"What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve" ~ Napoleon Hill
Invisible Factors
Ignorance brings chaos.
Chaos breeds inactivity.
Inactivity results in failure.
You need a visual picture of your mind.
Introducing the Stickperson
Conscious Mind
Sub-Conscious Mind
Dr. John A. Bargh, a Yale professor of psychology states: “Well, we’re finding that we have these unconscious behavioral guidance systems that are continually furnishing suggestions through the day about what to do next, and the brain is considering and often acting on those, all before conscious awareness. Sometimes those goals are in line with our conscious intentions and purposes, and sometimes they’re not.”
Before Conscious
95% Controlled
by Subconscious

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D states the following: “Your subconscious mind runs 95% of all your activity and it may be running programs that are in conflict with the way you want your life to be.”
Sub-Conscious is Connected to Universal Law and Power.
Your Sub-Conscious Holds Blueprints for Every Part of Your Life. We call these "Paradigms".
All Paradigms Automatically Become Physical Reality.
The Invisible Factors of Wealth
What Are Paradigms?
How Are Paradigms Created?
How Can I Change My Paradigm?
Three Key Questions
The Cycle of Bondage
Outside Idea
Terror Barrier
Outside Idea
Terror Barrier
The Cycle of Freedom
How to Command 12 Unseen Forces That Control Your Wealth
Meet Bob Proctor
1961 Bob was financially and mentally broke
He was out of control and being pushed around
3 years later, owned a multi-million dollar business
Bestselling author of over 6 books
International speaker and trainer
Star teacher of movie "The Secret"
Master teacher of success principles
World expert of Mind and Money
Answers to the
3 Key Questions
What Are Paradigms?
Must Accept
Can't Separate Reality from Imagination

Physical Expression of
The Mind
The Formation of Paradigms
5 Senses
Self Image
The Average Person Today
Paradigm of "X"
R = "X"
“For 7 years before learning Bob’s teachings, I TALKED about opening a healing center. I never actually did it until I met Bob Proctor. His teachings were what spurred me into action. I opened my first Spa, just 6 months after starting Bob’s program.
The spa is already profitable in month 2 (which is crazy!).
Life is better than it has ever been for me. I will forever be grateful for what Bob did for me in getting me to act on my desires. THIS IS POWERFUL!”
~ Misty Amburgy – Ocean Shore, Washington
7 Years of Fear Erased
6 Months to Reach Your Dreams
There are Only
2 Ways

to Break Through the Terror Barrier
and Install a New Blueprint
1. Experience Deep Emotional Impact
How Repetition
Installs New Paradigms
Red Line = Personal Thoughts
Green Dot = Idea Capture
Purple Line = Thinking
(Restructuring Paradigm)
Yellow line = Input
Like Drawing a New Blueprint, Your Paradigm Gets Redesigned One Piece at a Time.
Change the Blueprint in Your Sub-Conscious and You Can Have Everything in Life You Want... Automatically and On Demand.
This is the ONLY Way to Create Immediate Results that Stick.
"Tell me what you want, and I'll show you how to get it."
Thinking Into Results
Immediate Results
Strategic Repetition
Install New Blueprints Automatically
Lifelong Application
Obtain Any Want or Goal
Command Invisible Forces
Get Results That Stick
Over 59 Years of Proven Results
Bob Proctor
Sandy Gallagher
Bob Proctor
Master of the Mind
From #163 to #1
“Thanks to Bob, my team went from ranking 163rd company- wide in commissions to #11 within the first year, and to #1 by the fifth year. “ ~ Paul Hutsey, Former VP of Sales, Prudential Insurance Company of America
Over 60% Increase
"Since meeting and working with Bob Proctor and his team, I have experienced extraordinary results in my life. I was already a successful millionaire, entrepreneur. Our backlog of work has increased 60%.... Amazing! I am so happy and grateful!” ~ Barry L. Schlouch, Business Owner
Sandy Gallagher
Master of Money
As a corporate attorney for over 21 years, Sandy has expertise in handling billions of dollars.

She has advised corporate boards and high-ranking executives from start-ups to Fortune 50 companies.

Sandy joined forces with Bob Proctor to create the most powerful transformation program of its kind...
Thinking Into Results
Thinking Into Results
In-Depth Individual Lessons
- Define exactly what you want

and how to get it
Comprehensive Guidebook
- Gain perfect clarity on specifically what to do next
Activities and Worksheets
- Gain immediate results by systematically and emotionally applying proven principles
Dynamic DVDs
- Install new paradigms at multiple levels within your sub
Lifetime Live Coaching & Mentoring
- Each week for 1 hour, get expert guidance, training and encouragement
Results that Stick...
Automatically and on Demand
Bob's Speaking Fee $50,000
Sandy Invested Over $250,000 Personal Funds Into This System
Others Pay Over $18,000 to Access the TIR Program
Bob Invested Over 52 Years of His Life to Discover these Secrets
Standard Investment for TIR is $5,500
Private Offer
$2,000 Discount If You Order in the Next 24 hrs
Additional $1,000
Discount by Ordering Now
Initial Payment of $500 Secures Your Price Now. Balance Due on Shipment.
Order Now You Also Receive...
2 Private 30 min Coaching Sessions ($700)
Copy of Bob's Book, "You Were Born Rich" ($29)
FREE 3 Month Streaming Club Membership ($264)
First 5 Orders
Receive My New System "The 2 Hour Time Machine" ($497)
$1,490 In Additional Resources - FREE
The Time Is Now
Consider Your Want List
Choose One
What is That Worth to You?
How Long Has It Been On Your List?
Ask Yourself... "If Bob can really show me how to get what I want automatically and on demand, is $2,995 an appropriate investment?"
YES! Bob Can Show You EXACTLY How to Get What You Want
Thank You!
"Tell me what you want, and I'll show you how to get it." ~ Bob Proctor
Order Now
Get Everything You Want Automatically and on Demand.
After the Terror Barrier
Comes Automatic Wealth
Success in every area of your life hinges on being able to effectively cross the Terror Barrier.

Bob gives you the skills and ability to do this.
The 7 Minute Plan of Success
Break Into Groups
Choose One Person of the Group
Focus on Their "Want"
Create a Plan
120 Days to Obtain the Want
Ready... Set... Go!
Paradigms are
Automated Systems
What Others Say About
Bob Proctor
“When I first got coached by Bob Proctor, I was depressed and broke and living in a one bedroom rented apartment. Today – a year later – I own my business, employ two people and will soon need a third.
The first quarter of this year I enjoyed a 109% growth in business over the same period last
year. My wife and I purchased a three-bedroom home in a suburb of New Orleans, and are currently completing a $75,000 kitchen and den renovation." ~ Dan Fearn
What Others Say About
Bob Proctor
“When I met Bob Proctor I was 20 years old, flat broke and heading in the wrong direction in life. In addition, I had no idea how I was going to build a life for myself that would have meaning and purpose.

Well, it’s been twenty seven years since I first attended his program and what he taught me then and continued to teach me over the years has allowed me to make millions of dollars for myself and others while living an extraordinary fulfilling life.”

~ John Assaraf, New York Times Bestselling Author, Founder of OneCoach, Inc.
A Paradigm is a set of habits firmly rooted in your subconscious mind.

95% of all our actions are run by Paradigms and are executed long before we consciously think about them.
The Secret Behind
Automatic Results
Paradigms produce results automatically...
Example... The Thermostat
Example... Autopilot
Example... Weight Loss
You As An Infant
Emotional Repetition is the Key
5% of Thought Action
95% of Thought Action
Gathering information is not learning.

Pressing information into our sub-conscious as a new blueprint is learning.
"Five months ago I would have never dreamed that I’d be here. But five months ago I entered the Bob Proctor Coaching Program … and now I’m doing my dream job … shooting the cast of LOST on location in Hawaii. It’s very exciting and it’s all come about because of what I’m learning
in the coaching program."
~ Peter Hurley
The Industry's Best
Unconditional Guarantee
With The
Thinking Into Results
We Guarantee Results.

"If you go through the entire coaching program, and complete all the activities, I personally guarantee that you will increase your income by at least $10,000. If not, simply send me note detailing what action you took and the results you got. I'll have my staff give you a refund. No questions asked.

But, you'll never send the note. Refund rate is under 3%... the lowest in the industry, because we deliver results that stick."
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