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Book report: The House of the Scorpion

Fiction book report

Christopher Dombrowski

on 4 April 2011

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Transcript of Book report: The House of the Scorpion

The House of the Scorpion By Nancy Farmer Project by John Dombrowski Charecters:
Matt- The clone Matteo Alacran.
Maria- Friend of Matt, daughter of Esperanza El Patron- The original Matteo Alacran.
Tam Lin- Bodygaurd of Matt and El Patron. The setting of the story is in Central America, specifically in countries of Opium, and Aztlan (where Mexico is today), in a time peroid of the future where there are hovercars float around in the sky. The book begins when Matt finds out that he is a clone. He is treated like an animal by the people who are taking care of him when they learn that he is one. Before he is taken hostage, he meets Maria snooping around his yard with her friends. El Patron rescues him and tells the people that Matt is another one of his clones that he uses to live longer by just having body parts and organs implanted. Matt doesn't know this. El Patron is a drug lord who is greedy and self-centered. Matt is then given the decision to choose who his bodyguard will be and he chooses a man named Tam Lin. After that is many events by which Felicia, who is Tom's mother, kills Maria's dog. Also, Matt learns of why he is alive. It turns out that Celia, the woman who took care of him all those years, gave him something that if his heart was taken out and El Patron took it, it would be unsucessful. Matt is sent away to go to Aztlan to get a new life because El Patron wanted Matt dead. He goes to Aztlan to work at a plankton factory where plankton is made into all different types of food. Matt escapes once again and goes to San Luis to go to Esperanza's house to find Maria and to escape the terrible conditions of the factory where boys were hurt if they didn't tell one bad thing they did that day or if they were aristocats. He becomes the new Matteo Alacran because El Patron has died. The other bodyguard that Matt could have chosen tells Matt that everyone that could have ruled Opium, which El Patron owned, was poisened by the wine that El Patron requested at his funeral. It was part of his plan to have him buried with all of those people just like the egyptien rulers were. The conflict of Matt in the story is to survive being a clone. What I mean by that is that he can nat be found because El Patron's people would kill him. He would be killed because he refused to die to give his body to El Patron. The theme of this book is that crime does not pay. No matter how much El Patron bribed the government to let him live longer and have clones, he will still feel the hole inside him that cannot be replaced by any clone part. The guilt for not letting the other clones have lives. El Patron showed no sign of having a soul. My opinion of this book was that it was always making me read it. It was so realistic that it was almost like this was going to happen in the future.I would recommend this book to anyone who likes science fiction that feels so much like realistic fiction. This book is a movie and although I have not seen it yet, I know that it will be a good movie to see because the book was that good. Matt is a dynamic character because he changed from believing El Patron was nice to seeing the evil that he was made of. El Patron was a static character because he never changed from being an evil, greedy, man. Poisening all those people at the end showed even more of how evil and devilish he really was. The End. The genre of this story is science fiction because it talks of clones, hovercars, and it is in a futuristic time peroid.
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