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Of Mice and Men

No description

Jason Wolf

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men John Ernest Steinbeck
Born: February 27,1902
in Salinas, California He went to college intermittently between between 1920 and 1926. He dropped out of college and worked as a manual laborer. Steinbeck's book “The Grapes of Wrath” won the Pulitzer Prize and A National Book Award. Served as a war correspondent during WW1 He had 3 wives and 2 kids. Carol Henning, Gwyndolyn Conger, and Elaine Anderson Scott were his wives. He had 2 kids with Gwyndolyn, Thomas and john IV Steinbeck. This is part of John Steinbecks acceptance speech for the Nobel Prize."Having taken God-like power, we must seek in ourselves for the responsibility and the wisdom we once prayed some deity might have. Man himself has become our greatest hazard and our only hope. So that today, saint John the Apostle may well be paraphrased: In the end is the word, and the word is man, and the word is with man. " John Steinbeck was influenced to write "Of Mice and Men" by his life of growing up in Salinas Valley, California and seeing the life of farm workers there. “Tortilla Flat” “the Grapes of Wrath”, “In Dubious Battle”, and “The Long Valley” were other famous works by John Steinbeck. Bruce Springsteen, John Sayles, Arthur Mills, and Jackson Browne were people who received The Steinbeck Award. The Steinbeck award is given to a writer or artist who captures John’s “the spirit of Steinbeck’s empathy, commitment to democratic values, and belief in the dignity of the common man.” The Salinas River Valley is where "Of Mice and Men" took place. John Steinbeck was born and grew up around this river valley and it inspired the settings of many of his novels. The Salinas River Valley is located in Southern California between the Gabilan and Santa Lucia mountain ranges. A few facts about the Salinas River Valley:

~The Salinas River Valley is 155 miles long.
~The soil surrounding it is very fertile.
~ It runs along the Pacific ocean.
~It’s fairly shallow and mostly runs underground.
~ It’s the longest underground river in America. The Salinas River Valley is known as the “Salad Bowl of the World” because of its great farm land due to the fertile soil surrounding it. The Valley produces a variety of many fruits and vegetables.

These are the top 10 crops and the value of them per year:

1) Leaf Lettuce $651,503,000
2) Strawberries $619,267,000
3) Head Lettuce $460,605,000
4) Nursery $326,105,000
5) Broccoli $276,110,000
6) Grapes $238,366,000
7) Spring Mix $172,386,000
8) Spinach $131,004,000
9) Misc. Vegetables $123,560,000
10) Celery $121,343,000 The climate is especially good for growing vineyards, being one of the best climates for growing grapes in California. There are over 20 vineyards and 40,000 acres of wine grapes. The area supplies 80% of the nation’s lettuces and nearly the same percentage of artichokes. The main jobs available in and around the river valley include farming, ranching, and working on vineyards or winery’s. John Steinbeck was born in the town of Salinas and grew up around the Salinas River Valley. Later in his life he moved away to New York but then moved back because he enjoyed the “simpler life.” John Steinbeck mentioned specific locations in his novel "Of Mice and Men". Including the town of Soledad where the book takes place. Soledad is Spanish for solitude. Also the town of Weed which is north of the Salinas River Valley. The Gabilan mountains are also mentioned in the novel. Biographer: Geographer: Sociologist sdfasd What was the Great Depression? An era of economic failure throughout the world characterized by despair and apprehension. Americans worried more about survival than advancement. Millions lost their jobs and worked long days to put food on the table. WHY? but ? ? ? ? ? ? When was the Great Depression? 1929 -1939 It fell between the two opposite periods of the Roaring Twenties and World War II. UNEMPLOYMENT POVERTY DEPRESSION DISPAIR APPREHENSION ECONOMIC CRISIS MISERABLE NO HOPE HOMELESS UNSTABLE STARVATION DEVESTATION Causes
of the
Great Depression IMMEDIATE CAUSE:
Stock Market Crash of October 29, 1929 Stocks were bought "on margin" where people only had to pay 1/10 of its value. When a drop in stocks happened, people panicked and sold them, so they owed the exchange less money. Supporting Causes An unbalance of wealth from the Roaring Twenties industry. Europe became dependent on America. They bought loans they couldn't pay and bought less goods. The Dust Bowl was a seven-year drought aided by the fact that farmers did not conserve their soil. Thousands lost their source of income. They were forced to look elsewhere for work. Effects of the Great Depression:

MIGRANT WORKERS Migrant workers during the Great Depression were farmers who, due to the Dust Bowl, were forced to move to California. California was a land glorified through stories and folk songs, for better crop seasons in a hope to feed their families. They are "migrant" meaning that they travel from place to place to get seasonal jobs. They had to work for very low wages and many were single parents trying to feed their children. "Migrant Mother" a series of photos of a single mother and her 3 children taken by Florence Owens Thompson. It is a great demonstration of the living conditions people had to go through just to get by. Many were mexican immigrants looking for jobs in the U.S. Employers favored them because they did not demand higher wages or argue with them. Migrant Workers Today Modern Migrant Worker Facts:

1.3 migrant workers still exist in the US today

Most of them work away from their family and send the money home.

93% are foreign born. The issue of migrant workers is significant today for a few reasons. 1. We rely on cheap labor from foreign workers to grow a large portion of the countries food supply. 2. 63% are illegal immigrants out of the 1.3 million. Thats almost over 0.8 million illegal migrants! Sociologist Sources:
http://floridamemory.com Psychiatrist A mental disability is a person who learns and develops more slowly than other people. A mental disability impacts a person's everyday life because it affects different tasks for people. For example, getting changed, reading, and other skills. They need a little more time and assistance to do things. Some need help getting changed, walking, or learning. Some difficulties faced when caring for a mentally disabled person are having trouble balancing a job and caring for that person at the same time. It can cause stress and lead to "burnout" or health problems. The person caring for the mentally disabled is physically demanding and lowers your health. They could also get depression or become physically ill. What is a mental disability and how does it impact a person's everyday life? What are some of the difficulties faced when caring for a mentally disabled person? What kinds of support are available for people who care for the mentally disabled person? Support available for people who care for the mentally disabled is the National Family Caregiver Support Program (NFSCP). The NFSCP is a federally-funded program through the Older Americans Act. It helps states provide services to help family caregivers. These services include information to caregivers about available services, help to caregivers in gaining access to services, individual counseling, organization of support groups, and caregiver training, respite care, and supplemental services, on a limited basis, to complement the care provided by caregivers. What role does friendship play in the caring for the mentally disabled? The role that friendship plays in the caring for the mentally disabled is that mentally disabled people don't like to be excluded and isolated they like to show friendship. They show people how to be happy. They are happy when they are in a climate of friendship, esteem and solidarity. This a movie where one of the characters, Forrest Gump, has a mental disability. It shows how people treated him and took care of him. This is a movie and book that has a mentally disabled person, Lennie, and George is his caregiver. This movie has a mentally disabled character. Sites for Psychiatrist:
google images
http://employees.oneonta.edu/curranium/MediaRepresentations.html Sources for Biographer:
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