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The High Cost of an Offense

Mark 9:42-50

Stephen Johns

on 5 April 2014

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Transcript of The High Cost of an Offense

The High Cost of an
Mark 9:42-50
What is an Offense?
Cultural vs. Biblical
Offending a 'little one'
Offending Your Soul
Cultural Offense
Hurting my sensibilities, cause a person to feel hurt, annoyed, or resentful
Biblical Offense
to ensnare
Biblical Offense
To offend biblically means to ensnare and entrap in such a way that hinders or prevents spiritual progress.
Why are they 'little ones'?
They have not been taught - Ephesians 4
They have resisted truth - Hebrews 5
They have not applied what they have been taught - Ephesians 4 and Hebrews 6
To offend a little one is to influence through behavior or instruction an immature Believer into sinful thinking or behavior.

In short, we are all responsible for the spiritual care of the immature in the faith.
To be trapped by your own fleshly desires and sinful patterns is to dramatically hinder your spiritual progress.
What is the Risk?
Offenses toward a 'little one'
Offenses toward your own soul
18 minutes
58 seconds
The point is that this drowning is better than influencing an immature Believer into sinful thinking or action.
Radical self-amputation is better than being trapped by your own fleshly desires and sinful patterns so that your spiritual progress is hindered.
Hyperbolic Effect
Clear Communication with a
Clear Cost
Loving the 'little ones'
Two ways of offending
Avoiding Hell
Stay Salty
Salvation is a one time commitment to radical amputation that results in a life time sacrifice (radical amputation)
Mark 8:34-38
Romans 12:1-2
Be Salt

Be Light
Matthew 5:3-11
Galatians 5:16-26
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