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No description

Drew Nagy

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of HOLLOW CITY

"Hollow City" takes place in England. The setting varies throughout the book. It starts on the quiet coastal hills of England and ends in London. The year is 1941, and London is a primary target for German bombers in Word War 2. London is a dangerous journey compared to the rolling hills of the coast.
Meet the Characters
Jacob: He is our hero. He is able to see monsters called hollowgasts. They are normally invisible to peculiar children.
Emma: Emma has the ability to create fire from her hands. She is mid height and has light blonde hair. She is known for her extreme confidence.
Alma Peregrine: The leader of the peculiar children. She is a tall older woman who is smart and knows how to handle children. She is something called an ymbryne, and she is able to turn into a bird and create time loops

The kids are stranded on a boat in the middle of the ocean after they retrieved their ymbryne, Miss Peregrine. The hollowgasts are chasing them, and they have to get to London to get to the other captured ymbrynes. When they finally reach the English coastline, they find out they are being searched for by wights and hollows. As they travel to London, they meet other peculiars to help them, and use things as ridiculous as fairy tales to find their way. When they finally get a train to London, they are captured. They escape the wights thanks to a peculiar with the power to control bees, and they catch the train. At London, they retreat to the headquarters of the last ymbryne that is not captured, Miss Wren. When they get to her territory, "Miss Peregrine" turns into a wight! The real Miss Peregrine is still captured, and now a wight is in the last ymbryne's headquarters!
About the Author
Ransom Riggs was born and raised in Florida. He grew up listening to many British ghost stories. He incorporated this into his writing, as readers may have noticed. He now lives in LosAngeles. Ransom Riggs could be watching his readers
right now.......
The kids must get their ymbryne, Miss Peregrine, to London. She has been poisoned by wights and is stuck in her bird form. If she stays in her bird form for too long, she will become mad. The last ymbryne, Miss Wren, is in London. She is the only one who can fix her.
Unfortunately, it is not easy to get to London. With wights and hollows chasing them, the kids must be wary and take care of each other. As the kids are heading to London, they are captured and lose time. They eventually escape, but Miss Peregrine has only hours. When they finally get to Miss Wren's, it may be too late. Miss Wren ands up fixing Miss Peregrine, only to find out that a wight stole her bird form! A wight is now inside of the peculiar headquarters, and an army of hollows AND wights outside. What will happen next?
Figurative Language
Idiom: "My heart hammered in my chest."
Simile: "I felt the line, like a compass needle."
Simile: "Good God, its like the freaking Terminator."
Simile: "The bombs were still falling, like an irregular heartbeat."
Simile: "It was a misty, gray lake, wide and ringed with firs, its calm surface smooth as slate."
Simile: "At first it looked like heat waves off of a hot car."
Metaphor: "They become drooling, catatonic vegetables from the moment they enter."
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