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No description

Diana Ferrara

on 13 October 2016

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Transcript of Prodigy

Prodigy, and Why?
Imagine walking into a classroom of students who don’t like math... and seeing this:
This is what you would see (and more!) if you purchase the Prodigy membership.
Prodigy addresses the needs of all MPA students.
Mount Pleasant Academy has a wide variety of students, all at different ages and grade levels.
There are over 1,200 crucial math skills for grades 1-8 on Prodigy that align to the Common Core
State Standards.
Prodigy informs the teachers 24/7 about the students’ data and progress.
Prodigy has allowed 11.6% more students to meet their district’s standardized test goals.
Teachers can plan and assign specific assignments and Common Core Standards to focus on for each individual student’s needs.

Data is then sent back to the teacher, which allows for tracking student progress and areas they continue to struggle with.
Prodigy isn't your
typical math game!

"But what about our students' safety?!" exclaimed Mr. Brusini.
Don't worry, Mr. B! Prodigy has that taken care of as well!
It allows students to select from a pre-written list of greetings and conversation, which means that students cannot swear, cyber bully, or say anything that would be inappropriate.
It allows students to choose their own names, also from a pre-written list of kid-friendly first and last names.
In conclusion...
Thank you!!!
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