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Feroza Malik

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Wiccanism

WITCHCRAFT SPIRIT WATER FIRE EARTH AIR Women were those most often accused of being witches. There were 270 Elizabethan witch trials of 247 were women and only 23 were men. WITCH TRIALS Anything which went wrong during the middle ages was immediatly blamed on witches, such a disease and mis-fortune. The Salem With Trials are the most well known, and began the trend of witch trials all over the world. The salem witch trials began in winter 1692, a child in the town became strangely ill and began showing weird syptoms such as asthma, guilt, boredom, child abuse, epilepsy and delusional psychosis. It was around this time that people began talking of witchcraft and publishing books on black magic. As word got around 2 of Bettys friend developed the same symptoms. The doctors diagnosed them as having a supernatural force inside of them. Mary Sibley, accused of having something to do with the ullness told Tituba (a slave from africa studying voodoo) to bake a rye cake with the urine of the afflicted victim and feed the cake to a dog. The blame turned on Tituba as the girls go worse and the witch trials began. FAMOUS WITCHES Anne Boleyn 1507-1536, she was the second wife of King Henry VIII of England was beheaded due to the fact she was unable to have a child so her husband claimed she was a witch. She had a sixth finger on one hand which was believed to be a sign of witchcraft. Elisabeth Sawyer ?-1621. Elisabeth Sawyer also Known as "Witch of Edmonton" was accused of bewitching her neighbors children and cattle because they refused to buy her brooms. When she was being harassed she finally confessed to being a witch. She was hanged for confessing to be a witch. WICCAN Wicca is a common and much older name for witchcraft. The term witchcraft has been defined in different ways. In the past it has most often referred to the human harnessing of supernatural powers for the malevolent purpose of practicing black magic. The teachings and beliefs of Wicca have been around for hundreds of years dating back to the early 20th century during medieval times. It is a modern pagan religion which was created formed from the ancient pagan religions. However it wasn't recognized as a religion until the 1950's when Gerald Gardener, a retired civil servant who claimed that witches had come to him demanding that he have the religion recognized, he began forming several witch cults. RITUALS AND COVENS Wiccans believe in not one god, but many different gods and goddesses. These deities were taken from ancient religions such as ancient Egypt and Greece. Gods and goddesses play a huge part in a Wiccans life. Each Wiccan can choose a specific deity or multiple to worship. The worship of a god/goddess requires an alter as each deity as specific needs, such as Artemis the greek goddess of the moon, takes the form of a bear so she therefore needs an image of a bear at her alter. Wiccans use spells to channel the power of their chosen god/goddess to help with the following rituals. The full moons energy also plays a big part in witchcraft. It is considered the greatest power and is the ideal time for many rituals. Each months full moons are named, such as January is the Wolf Moon and June is the strawberry moon. A coven is a fixed group of witches, you have be initiated into the group to attend rituals and ceremonies and attendence is mandatory To be in a coven you must be a well know, practicing which who is respected by the community. A circle is a more open group, where beginners can join to learn, it's more flexible. Witches do also practice on their own. SYMBOLS
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