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ACA115 project on procrastination

Peter Caroline

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Procrastination

On August 8, 1590, John White returned to the colony he left in what is now Roanoke, North Carolina. When he'd last seen the colonists, they were happily settled on the coast. But when he returned, everyone there was gone. Men, women, even children had all mysteriously disappeared. History books say the only evidence of the colonists were the letters CRO carved on a tree. But the history books don't tell you they real cause of the disappearances. The thing that made dozens of people seem to vanish into thin air was really............. The Lost Colony The following documentary contains frightening scenes and controversial cold, hard truth towards students who put things off at the last minute.
Viewer discretion is advised What really happened may horrify, amaze, and scare you silly. Before leaving for Roanoke, the colonists were instructed to begin clearing the thick Carolina woods in order to provide housing for future colonists. The colonists, however, decided to put it off until later. When they arrived at Roanoke, they began to....... PROCRASTINATE!!!!!! They decided that the forest clearing could wait a while. They decided to celebrate their migration to the new land by celebrating with a party. They played many games. But the last game they would ever play, was Hangman. They chose the word "crow". When they had C-R-O, an ominous mist surrounded them. A scream echoed through the mist, gripping the colonists in a suffocating fear. Then, out of the mist pounced a beast so grotesque, many passed out (which is a very stupid thing to do when you're about to get eaten). The colonists were never seen again. The beast became known as the Procrastination Monster, for it fed on those who did not do their work immediately. It has appeared many times in history, such as the sinking of the Titanic, the assassination of Julius Caesar, and the retirement of legendary basketball player, Shaquielle O'Neil. Below, is the most recent video of a student being overtaken by the Monster. The Procrastination Monster has terrified masses of people for too long. Dr. Pete Carolyn, a cryptozoologist from Mosquito Farms, Georgia; has studied procrastination for 65 years (he does'nt have a life). He has created a set of tools to defeat procrastination and its monstrous embodyment. Dr. Carolyn's first tool to fight procrastination was a reminder to help you fight procrastination. It could be an alarm, a note, or just anything that will make you remember to do your work. Reminders The second tool is a reward for completing particular hard or boring assignments. If you complete a demanding task and get nothing for it, you may be tempted to procrastinate on the next difficult assignment. Rewards If you know something bad will happen if you procrastinate, you won't do it. List of Consequences I hope this documentary has helped you. Remember these things and you will at least have some chance in defeating the monster. Good Luck. Monster- Paul Caroline
Student- Peter Caroline Cast Ms. Ariyo for assigning the project

ACA 115 class for watching

My Mom for providing the soda. ( a half drunken soda. REALLY?)

My brother for being the scary Procrastination monster Special thanks
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