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Science Safety

King -2015

Kristi King

on 18 July 2018

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Transcript of Science Safety

What is the most important safety rule to follow?
Follow your teachers instructions!!!!
Why does your work area need to be clear of materials not needed during the lab?
The extra materials can create a hazardous work area.
When should you wear safety goggles?
When you work with CHEMICALS, FLAMES, GLASS, and other substances that could get into your eyes.
What should you do if a chemical is splashed on your skin?
IMMEDIATELY wash your skin with water and tell your teacher.
What should you do if a chemical is splashed in your eyes?
Flush your eyes with water for 20 MINUTES at the eyewash station.
There is / are __?__ fire extinguisher(s) located in my science lab?
You should IMMEDIATELY report all accidents and injuries to your __________?
What should you do with your loose hair and clothing if you are working with flames or chemicals?
Tie back loose hair and clothing!
If your glassware is broken or chipped, what should you do?
Tell your teacher!
Hot glassware looks cool. Never pick up glassware without first checking to see if it is cool. Describe the method you can use to determine if a piece of glassware is hot.
Hold the back of your hand near the glassware. If you can feel heat on the back of your hand, the container is too hot to handle.
Describe what you should do when your experiment is completed.
Clean up your work area
Return all equipment
Wash your hands
What would you do?
You accidentally knock over a beaker and it breaks on the floor.
You accidentally spill a large amount of water on the floor.
You suddenly begin to smell a chemical odor that gives you a headache.
While your lab partner had her goggles off, she gets some liquid from the experiment in her eye.
You hear the fire alarm sound while you are working in the lab. You are wearing your goggles and a lab apron.
Be safe, and let's have a great year!
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