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Why was marriage important in the Victorian Era?

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Marlyse Ritter

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Why was marriage important in the Victorian Era?

Why was marriage important in the Victorian Era?
In general why did men and women get married?

yes they did get married but sometimes they didnt get married for love. thats why they arrange with blood lines and inarentence that was for the upper class, higher court,
where and how did people interested in marriage initially meet?
How did people become better acquainted?
the became better acquainted with more people at social gatherings like party's and dances
How did men and women become engaged?
how much involement did the fiances' families have in their engagement and marriage ?

Many people believe that marriage is important in this day and age, but it holds little significance compared to the importance of marriage in the Victorian era. In the Victorian era women were to get married to a man of the same or a better social status, be good wives, and be a mother to her husband's children. Very few marriages started with love, but a woman's life is not complete without being married. Over time, the role of married women has evolved a great deal and they now have rights and privileges.
men and women had different rules. women had more of the rules then the men did to. women had higher expections

what characteristics did men and women typically look in their partners for marriage
when the the men gets intruduced the girl's family. He has to ask the girls father for her hand in married but he could ask the girl first then her father. the proposal was best made in person and with clear distinct language so the girl can hear him corretly. The women didn't have to exept her first one though cause when she exepts and marry this man she loses most of all her rights.
the legal age of marry was but as of 1823 men could marry as young as 12 years of aged but most girls waited till 21 to 23 to get married

the engagement was finalized with a ring
the fiances family throws a dance or a party to meet
daughter-to-be. and fiances family gave wedding gifts

with men expections in women pessured to be this ideal Victorian women society expected to be. and is women didn't live up to expections they will be spouselies
with women They expected the men to take care of them and provide for them since they were unable to provide for themselves.
websites used

The Victorian Era way of marriage!

lower classses did marry
for love it wasnt arrange for them by there parents

women had to be able to produce good breeding and they they had to be pretty.
the meet in church, the parties
were the people became better acquianted is also where people interested in marriage initially meet
arrange marriages is were the parents talked first. and the fiance's parents spoke to the brides parent's first. the fiance's was involved with all the time
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