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Travel Team

No description

harry gonzalez

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Travel Team

Travel Team
Essential Question
Is it possible to accomplish your goals and dreams?
Literary Devices
"Usually she guarded against any kind of chocolate intake around bedtime. Like she was the chocolate police (Lupica 187).

"I didn't make it,' Danny said, his words landing harder in his locker than the backpack had" (Lupica 32).
"We're scrimmaging the vikings tomorrow afternoon at St. Pat's" (Lupica 111).
- At the beginning of the season, Danny's Team play against the Vikings. At the championship game, they play the exact team but with Ty on his side
"This'-showing her on the kitchen floor with the ball that was on its way up to his room with him-'is a double crossover" (Lupica 6).
- The double crossover was a move that Danny worked on throughout the entire book. He uses this move at his last game to break out of a crucial double team.
"now he dribbled to his left, toward Ty, just as Ty ran toward him. Da-Rod, still covering Ty, seemed sure Danny was going to pass it to him. Except Danny didn't pass, just put the ball through his legs, spun around again, came back to the middle" (Lupica 272).
"Danny noticed Ty giving warning looks to Teddy a couple of times. Like he was saying, Cut the crap. But Teddy ignored him" (Lupica 117)
- Ty Ross is completely opposite to his father Mr.Ross. Ty is good friends with Danny but Mr.Ross doesn't really like Danny

Plot Devices #2
Danny is a calm, short but very talented basketall player that gets cut from his basketball team
His best friends are Will, Tess, and Ty
His parents are divorced but get back together after Richie helps Danny after helping him solve his basketball problem
Danny is a stable character because he kept his priority of going to the championship gang and never changed it. However, their were many dynamic characters around Danny like Richie, Mr.Ross, Ty Ross, etc. who changed dramatically.
Plot Devices #1
The conclusion of the novel was very predictable but also very satisfying. I knew the book was not going to end with a young boys dream crushed. This book was also predictable because Danny's father had won the Championship when he played on Travel Team so that made it seem a little more obvious. Even though the ending is predictable, it is the most appropriate for the targeted audience, which are young people. The conclusion itself answered everything in the novel. However, I ended the book curious about what happened to the vikings after they lost to Danny's Team in the last game?
MLA Citation
Lupica, Mike. Travel Team. New York:
Philomel, 2004. Print.
I would definitely recommend this book to people of all ages that are into sports, but specifically basketball. I believe this book is important because it has many lessons and themes that people can learn from this novel. I also think it is important because it can be motivational to eveyone. What I loved from this book is the suspense that the author would create during the final seconds of a game. However, What I personally really liked from this book was that I could relate to it in so many ways because of the basketball life-style most of these characters experience. This is the best book I have ever read in my life, not only because of all the connection I could make with it but for the reason that it was a great book in general. Finally, what I learned about this book is that not everything in life is easy to accomplish. A person must work hard to accomplish his/her goals to succeed in what they want.
by Mike Lupica

The book explores my essential question of dreams and goals intensively. Their are many characters in this story that have their own goals for the future. The main character, Danny Walker, wants to win the national championship game like his father did during his age. Except Danny encounters many complications beginning with the fact that he doesn't even make it on Travel Team (the name of the basketball team). He was cut from the basketball team because he was to short and the coach, Mr. Ross, doesn't like the way he plays. Danny gets really sad about not making it on the team that he even wants to quit playing basketball. So his father, Richie Walker, decides to come help Danny by creating him his own team. Richie was a former NBA player that played for the Golden Stare Warriors until his career ended after getting injured in a car accident. Mr. Walker decides to coach Danny's team to accomplish his goal of watching his son doing what he loves, playing basketball.

1) "How Richie Walker's kid hadn't made it on Travel Team" (Lupica 31).
2) "I didn't make it,' Danny said, his words landing harder in his locker than the backpack had" (Lupica 32).
3) "Who are you going to coach?'
'You,' he said." (Lupica 74).
4) Another seventh-grade travel team," his dad said. (Lupica 74).
5) "Danny looked down on the day and thought: So this is what everything looks like from up here" (Lupica 274).
Harry Gonzalez
English 10
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