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The Soul selects her own Society --

No description

Dondre Scotland

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of The Soul selects her own Society --

-Soul Selects…society
-Soul shuts the door
-She notes the chariot.
-Close the valves of attention like stone
-Compares the soul to a person in the entire poem.
-The door represents religion
-Chariots symbolize other religions
-The "emperor" is God.
-Doors, gates, valves
Slant Rhyme:
- Choose
... Like
- At her low
.. Upon her
-Soul and Society
-An and Ample
Rhyme Scheme:
-A B A B
-Divine and Majority
-Be and Kneeling
Paraphrase Literal
Pick where you want to live
Then stay there
Your choice who you want to be around
Don't settle for anything else.

Isn't moved at a chariot by her gate
Isn't moved that an emperor is kneeling before her.

Knew her from a huge nation.
Lost her attention

Paraphrase in Depth
The soul chooses where it feels is its society.
It blocks off anyone not apart of it
Everyone else is no longer part of her society.

The second stanza showed that no one was allowed into her society even if it were a king or someone of high stature trying to come in once her soul chooses her society no one can enter.

The third stanza is showing that she knows there is a huge nation outside the door of her society but, the only person she find worthy of entering is herself. Once her society is choosen nothing else matters.

Title interpretation:
The Soul Selects her own Society - You pick where you want to live
The Soul Selects Her Own Society
The Soul selects her own Society --
Then -- shuts the Door --
To her divine Majority --
Present no more --

Unmoved -- she notes the Chariots -- pausing --
At her low Gate --
Unmoved -- an Emperor be kneeling
Upon her Mat --

I've known her -- from an ample nation --
Choose One --
Then -- close the Valves of her attention --
Like Stone --
Emily Dickinson
Authors Attitude

The author seems to show how she feels okay that she isolates herself from the rest of the society. She seems detached to regular every day society.
Their is a shift in from the first stanza to the second stanza. The shift affects the poem because from first reading it you would think she has no choice to having to be alone but, when you read the second stanza you see shes OK with her own society isolated. It changed our entire understanding of the poem.
Title : New Interpretation
This poem is saying that you should be happy with your life if you like to be alone be alone and if you like to be around people be around people. Be where you feel is best.
The Soul selects her own society - Be happy in the society you choose to live in.
The soul selects her own society- Do what makes you happy.
Through personification Emily Dickinson presents her argument that the soul finds her/his own society. Dickinson illustrates this point of view by using a real life example and what she feels makes ones soul. Emily Dickinson describes how the soul goes about eliminating others from her/his life while hunting for the ultimate soul mate.
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