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The Legacy

No description

Hanh Hong

on 13 December 2015

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Transcript of The Legacy

-Virginia Woolf-
The Legacy
Point of view
Angela Clandon
Psychological description
saying, remember, thoughts of
other characters and by the diary
Not physical description
- "Yet she had been in perfect health
when she left the house that morning" (6-7)
Angela is protagonist and round character.
Gilbert Clandon
After his wife’s “accident”. He receives diaries from Angela as her personal legacy. He reads through them, and has flashbacks.
Gilbert realises there was less about him in her wife’s diraries, and the mention of a man, called B.M, which shocked and infuriated him.
Gilbert realises his wife has an affair with initials B.M, and he can’t stand it any more. “He must know the truth. He strode to the telephone.” Gilbert telephones Silly Miller and demands to know who B.M it is.
After hearing the answer from Silly, Gilbert
realises his wife did not get hit by car and died by accident.
He also
knows who is B.M
and what
the relationship between B.M and his wife
Gilbert knows the truth of her wife’s decease:
She died because she wanted to rejoin her lover, B.M and escape from him.
He is antagonist to Gilbert.
Psychological description through Gilbert’s stereotyping
Through the diary
Gilbert is protagonist and flat character

Psychological description
Description made by relations with other characters
With Sissy Miller
With Angela
Style & Tones
Symbol & Allegory
- Symbolism: The diary
+ External description by the narrator
+ Description from Clandon’s point of view
+ Secret
- Allegory:
+ A bleak and damning of the gender and class politics of the time
+ The prevalent attitude towards women and the damage it causes
could not live for themselves
. A romantic relation can be an illusion to an unfulfilled relationship. Additionally, it shows the truth behind Virginia Woolf’s

as an implication
there is no love in it
; merely just
an illusion for the sake of society
Virginia Woolf
(25 January 1882 – 28 March 1941)
was an
English writer
and one of
the foremost modernists of the 20th century
Most famous works:
Mrs. Dalloway (1925)
To the lighthouse (1927)
As part of her literary work, Woolf wrote certain tales, including
The Legacy, published 1944.
Orlando (1928)
A Room of One’s Own (1929)
In Virginia Woolf's short story "The Legacy," Gilbert Clandon is a widower whose wife left him the collection of diaries she has kept since their marriage. Upon reading them, the wife he thinks is completely devoted to him reveals she has been in love with another man, known only as "B.M" in the diaries. By
the end of the diaries, Gilbert realizes his wife did not die by accidentbut instead killed herself to be with her lover who committed suicide when she rejected his desire to be with her.
Angela's internal conflicts
- Angela loves B.M >< Not divorce Gilbert and go on living with Gilbert
- She can’t be courage enough to divorce Gilbert >< she commits suicide because of her lover – B.M
Angela's external conflicts
- Angela is in conflict with environment.
Although she wants to divorce Gilbert, she cannot divorce.
At the same time Gilbert is a famous politician, she cannot reveal her secrets

Angela and Gilbert's house
Angela’s drawing room, at her writing table which is full of her presents left for her friends
6 weeks after Angela’s death
Time period:
20th century - the time when female’s role is considered lower. They are tied by the social conventions and cannot live for themselves.
Limited omniscience
point of view then
Angela first-person
point of view

Formal use of language
Figurative language:
Euphemism, climax, ■ antithesis, imagery


Stream of consciousness - indirect interior monologue
○ The

according to Gilbert’s flashback
Sentence Structure/Phrasing
The use of
periodic sentences, commas
A lot of
short sentences and fragments
Frequent use of
simple and compound sentences
The use of

● Tone:
Gloomy, doubtful, and frustrated
Gilbert thinks that
Angela is trustworthy


she has got a secret.
Angela writes that
she is proud of being his wife
and she describes how handsome Gilbert is

she deceives Gilbert.
Gilbert is a politician, in upper class, succeed in career so
he gives a look down on the lower – class

he didn’t know what
his wife

what she did in her daily life and
had relationship with B.M – a person in lower – class.
She is minor character
External description
: "drab little woman in black carrying attached cases."
Internal description
: "She was the soul of discretion; so silent; so trustworthy, one could tell her anything, and so on."‐- Similar to diaries.
Sissy Miller
With B.M.
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