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Business Presentation

No description

Neurofitness Center

on 28 July 2015

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Transcript of Business Presentation

Mind Body synergy.
Mind Body Fitness and Healing.
Relief from Insomnia, ADD, Stress, Anxiety, Pain, Depression and many other issues.
Elevate performance to the next level
Our Wellness solutions provide results, saving people time and money, while providing Extraordinary Care!

What is NeuroFitness Wellness Center?
Individuals Pricing Available. Affordable and Flexible Payments
Help people
their most difficult Health and Wellness issues.
Provide a
Mind Body Performance Enhancement Program.
Save our clients
Our Mission
The NeuroFitness Approach to Health and Wellness
approach to Elevating Human Performance.
approach to helping your Mind and Body Heal.
approach to tracking progress while providing CLEAR, MEASURED and MEANINGFUL Results.

Pay Per Session - $1 / minute

Pay Per Membership - Monthly Memberships with Discounts

Pay Per Package - Package Discounts for Floating / Fitness

Pay Per Program - Determined upon Consultation
1) Fill out a Get Started Form

2) Schedule a company tour and complimentary consultation at Neurofitness Wellness Center

3) Invest in the health and happiness of your employees. 350.00 per employee/per year is the industry standards. Tax benefits are available from the Government.
Your business stands to benefit enormously from having healthy employees, since absenteeism, reduced productivity, low morale and other health-related costs cannot be absorbed as readily in small businesses as in large ones.

Wellness Program Benefits
Your company will benefit with our Wellness Programs through higher performing workers, lower absenteeism and health care costs. Your employees are the most valuable assets to your company. By providing workers with the Neurofitness Wellness Program, your company will beimproving wellbeing and job satisfaction, as well as raising retention rates.
The Bottom Line
Our Services
The Mind Experience
Allows the employee to feel more alert,be more focused and calm at work as well as decrease levels of stress, anxiety and depression
The Body Experience
Allows the employee to lose weight, increase muscle mass, deduces the risk of disease in the body, helps heal the body and reduce stress.
The Wellness Experience

Helps your employees reduce aches and pains within the body, increases the focus of the employee and boosts an employees mood
Break Through Wellness Programs
Get Started Today!
We offer full training and many wellness resources, ongoing health and lifestyle assessments with biographic screenings.
We help individuals set and reach their goals by empowering them to participate in health improvement programs.
Budget and investment of $350 per employee per year yields the best savings and highest, most positive ROI for the organization.

As an organization, the


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