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Egyptian Revolution of 1919

No description

Hannah Taylor

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Egyptian Revolution of 1919

The Egyptian Revolution of 1919 By Hannah Taylor Strong woman Shortly after the first world war armistice, Of November 11th, a delagation of Egyptian Nationalists lead by Saad Zaghlul, made a request to stop British Protectorate Citations Egyptian woman made their mark History of women in Egyptian life http://weekly.ahram.org.eg/2000/481/chrncls.htm http://www.sis.gov.eg/en/LastPage.aspx?Category_ID=827 Woman have always had rights within the Egyptian culture from the days of queens. Brittish Soldiers in march of 1919, arrested Zaghlul and two other movement leaders in an attempt to suppress social unrest As public anger rose, chaos spread and sparked fights and villages to burn. After much consideration, London was forced to order an unilateral declaration of Egypt's independence Meanwhile, Civil Disobedience was rising Wafdist emissaries went into towns and villages collecting signatures for a petition of independence Strikes Woman, when strike leaders were detained and exiled, upper class woman participating in politics for the first time, assumed key roles of organizing boycotts and demonstrations Woman were recognized for their influence and strength throughout the revolution The womans merch of 16preceded by one day the largest demonstration of 1919 Woman of Egypt The Revolutions start http://news.egypt.com/en/200903225663/spot-light/spot-light/egyptian-revolution-of-1919.html Egypt gained its independence from Brittish rule and gained global recognition and public interest. The egyptian people were extremely successful in their civil disobedience movements, gaining Egypt its freedom The revolution was sparked by inflation and unemployment that consumed their economy http://www.marxist.com/egyptian-revolution-people-want-downfall-of-the-system.htm
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