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How has modern technology changed society?


Kathy Johnson

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of How has modern technology changed society?

Modern technology has changed throughout the years, making life much easier and accessible; however, this change has also shifted the way society has evolved. Input 3 There are numerous forms of technology which have shaped our society the way it is now.

A few of the main types of modern technology, that I will be focusing on are:
The Internet
Social Media
Text Messaging Input 2 Text Messaging: The internet brought about new forms of communication such as e-mail, chat rooms and instant messaging.

It has brought about many advantages to our society for example, faster communication, various types of information resources, entertainment and online services.

However, with these advantages come increased disadvantages as well. Internet users are now more susceptible to hidden dangers such as theft of personal information, online predators, online addictions, pornography, online hackers and Cyber bullying. Text messaging: According to an article written by Richard Seyler text messaging has become the preferred form of mediated interaction, surpassing instant messaging, e-mail and telephone conversations.

Advantages to text messaging:

Disadvantage to text messaging:
has had negative affect with writing and linguistic skills
people have become socially disconnected Some may argue that although technology has made things easily accessible, it has also altered the way society interacts with each other making humans more out of touch with human interaction and more focused on instant gratification. How has modern technology changed society? By: Kathy Johnson Input 1 Advantages of Social Media:
Able to communicate with friends and family along with celebrities all around the world in real time.
Create and share information about themselves as a way to stay connected to people.
Great marketing tool

Disadvantage of Social Media:
Has become an obsession for many people
Has made people become increasingly "nosy"
Has made individuals increasingly narcissistic
Cyber Bullying Positive affects of the way modern technology has changed society:
Has made life increasingly easier
We now have the ability to communicate with others in a rapid amount of time
We now have access to just about everything and anything with a touch of a key

Negative affects of the way modern technology has changed society:
People have become lazier
People have become increasingly impatient
Lack of socialization skills
Decrease in privacy The Internet Social Media Whether we like it or not modern technology is always on the rise and it will continue to change our society and culture in even more ways.

In my opinion, its how we deal with these new forms of technology and how we let it control our lives. We must be leery and cautious of how easily it is to be engulfed by these new forms of technology which will undeniable be here forever. defined as various forms of electronic communication for users to create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages and other content.
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