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The giver

No description

Erin Zihlman

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of The giver

The Giver
In the Giver, Jonas is the main
different from ours.
Jonas' world is very
There is no...
Where Jonas lives, everyone
is assigned a job.
He is assigned a job as
the receiver of memories.
The receiver of memories
is given memories from
everyone in his community.
Because of the memories,
he is the only one who
can know...
If a baby is not assigned to a
family, they will be released,
meaning they will be killed.
His family is like everyone
every family in the community.
A mom, a dad, a brother, and a
sister. The kids do not live with
their birth parents. They live with an assigned family.
Jonas' family has taken in
a new born baby as a visitor
to raise. His name is Gabe.
Gabe does not sleep soundly
at night so after almost a
year, a decision is made to
release or kill Gabe.
since Jonas is the only
one who knows that this is
wrong, he wants to stop it.
Jonas wants everyone to understand feeling so
he runs away with Gabe.
Running away will cause
people to have feelings
and memories. It will also save Gabe from being released.
As the receiver of
memories, Jonas is given
memories that no one else
can have.
The first memory given to
him was a sleigh ride.
he starts receiving memories of
terrible things and wonderful
Jonas first sees color
when playing catch with
a red apple.
He succeeds in running away. After
a while of running it snows. He
suddenly thinks he hears music.
Or is that just his imagination?
The Giver is a really good book.
It tells an interesting story
and leaves the reader wondering
what happens to Jonas and Gabriel.
Jonas learns what releasing really
is when he watches his own father
kill a baby because the baby was a twin. They do not call it killing,
they call releasing.
They release people by
giving them a shot which
kills them.
Nobody thinks of this as
being wrong, because they
have no feelings.
People can be released
if they are too old.
By Louis Lowery
The Giver is the first book of
four books. There is The Giver,
Gathering Blue, The Messenger,
and The Son.
Thanks for watching!
He also notices the red of the sleigh
in his memory and the red of Fiona,
his friend's, hair.
He is taught how to receive
memories by the old receiver
of memories. The old receiver
of memories is the one who
gives Jonas all the memories.
When the old receiver of memories
gives Jonas a memory, he completely
forgets the memory he gave away.
Another time Jonas sees
color is when he sees the
blue in Gabe's eyes
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