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60 in 60: Web 2.0 Tools

Welcome to 60 in 60! This presentation will take you through 60 of the most useful sites for the classroom.

Brandon Lutz

on 15 January 2019

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Transcript of 60 in 60: Web 2.0 Tools

60 in 60: Web 2.0 Tools Back Channeling in the Classroom Cover it Live
http://www.coveritlive.com/ Guest Presenter Scott Snyder Streaming music Last.fm
http://www.last.fm/ Listen to music online for free
Users can create their own stations with artists
Allows for sharing
Music was playing on Last.fam as you walked in Live Video Streaming Allows users to create their own TV channel that can be embedded onto a wiki and live streamed via a link, also allows for archiving for easy retrieval ustream
http://www.ustream.tv/ Avatar Movie Making xtranormal
http://www.xtranormal.com Add text
Choose avatar
Camera angles
Create Movie Visualization and storytelling
without slides Prezi
http://prezi.com/ Create a non-linear presentation
Add pictures, Video, Sounds
This Presentation is a Prezi Animation doink
http://www.doink.com/ Create animations
Download them easily
Great drawing tool Online Bibliography Easybib
http://easybib.com/ Creates MLA formatted citations
Auto Cite feature for websites Blogging Simple Video Chat Tiny Chat
http://tinychat.com/ Chat quick and easy
Multiple people
Create and send link
Text, video, and auditory chat
No login Charity Donors Choose
Donate: http://www.donorschoose.org/
http://www.donorschoose.org/teacher/index.html Private Classroom
Collaboration Edmodo
http://www.edmodo.com A private social platform for teachers and students to share ideas, files, events and assignments. Collage Creator Shape Collage (DL)
http://www.shapecollage.com/ Wetoku
http://wetoku.com/ Easy Interview Sharing Simple Comic Creation Make Beliefs Comics
http://www.makebeliefscomix.com/Comix/ Create simple comics
Print & share Computational Engine Wolfram Alpha
http://www.wolframalpha.com/ all systematic knowledge immediately computable by anyone
Mathmatical equations
Dates, events, names & more
Anything data... Document Collaboration Google Docs
http://docs.google.com Share and collaborate on all kinds of documents
Teacher sharing
Peer Editing
Create forms for surveys or tests
Save paper
Work on projects syncronously at different places Drawing Drawing SumoPaint
http://www.sumopaint.com/web/ Free drawing tool
Upload and download images
Layers, effects
A lot like photoshop Family Tree Geni
http://www.geni.com/ Flock Draw
http://flockdraw.com/ Real simple drawing program File Sharing drop.io
http://drop.io/ Allows users to create links for easy file access from anywhere Flash Cards Quizlet
http://quizlet.com/ http://quizlet.com/1784155/review-vocabulary-flash-cards/ Flow Charts Lucid Charts
http://lucidchart.com/ Graphic Organizer MyWebSpiration
http://mywebspiration.com/ Create webs / Graphic organizers
Share & collaborate online Image Capture Skitch (DL)
http://skitch.com/ Take screen shots
Add text and arrows
Send pictures to web Screen Cast Jing
http://jingproject.com/ Create video of your screen
5 minutes
Upload to internet or download Image Editors Fotoflexer
http://fotoflexer.com/ Image Storage & Sharing Flickr
http://www.flickr.com/ Share and store images online
Unlimited space for $25 a yr
Slide shows & simple editing Jeopardy Jeopardy Labs
http://jeopardylabs.com/ Literature Guide Shmoop
http://www.shmoop.com/ Media Conversion DVD Conversion Zamzar
http://www.zamzar.com/ Coverts all files types
E-mails link
Youtube Hand Brake (DL)
http://handbrake.fr/ DVD video to editable format
Playable in iPod or other devcie Micro Blogging 12seconds
http://12seconds.tv/ Daily Mug Shot
http://www.dailymugshot.com/ Micro Blogging Micro Blogging Screenr
http://screenr.com/ Note Taking and More EverNote
http://www.evernote.com/ PDF a URL PDFmyURL
http://www.pdfmyurl.com/ Personal Learning Networks Ning
http://www.ning.com/ Podcast Sharing Buzzsprout
http://www.buzzsprout.com/ Sites for syndicated website content sharing which allows users to upload or download to their iPod Ex: Pete&c Ning http://ning.peteandc.org/ Photo Stories VoiceThread
http://voicethread.com/#home Polls/Voting Poll Everywhere
http://www.polleverywhere.com/ Poll students in class
Via web, SMS, twitter Schedule Doodle
http://doodle.com/ Volunteer Spot
http://www.volunteerspot.com/index Schedule Social Bookmarking Social Bookmarking Delicious
http://delicious.com/ Diigo
http://www.diigo.com/ Math Shareware Study Skills Free Rice
http://freerice.com/ Text To Speech Read The Words
http://www.readthewords.com/ Timeline TimeToast
http://www.timetoast.com Translator Google Translate
http://translate.google.com/translate_t?hl=en# Animoto
http://animoto.com/business/education/ Video Creation Video Editing Jaycut
http://jaycut.com/ Video Sharing Teacher Tube
http://teachertube.com/ Video Teleprompter CuePrompter
http://www.cueprompter.com/ Visual Blogging Glogster
http://www.glogster.com/edu Web Based Phone Google Voice
https://www.google.com/voice/ Virtual White Board Scribblar
http://scribblar.com/ WallWisher
http://wallwisher.com Virtual White Board Wiki Wikispaces
http://www.wikispaces.com http://www.wikispaces.com/site/for/teachers Word Cloud Wordle
http://www.wordle.net/ Create a family tree
E-mails family members to help build tree Create & share flash cards
Play games and test students on the information Create jeopardy review games
Play online and score easily
Download for offline use Take a portrait of yourself everyday
View it as a mugshow Record 12 seconds videos
Send them to the world via twitter Take Notes, save images & PDFs
Syncs on every device you own
Search text, even in images Make screencasts and send them out on twitter Example: http://tinyurl.com/60in60poll Literature Learning Guides Geogebra Shared bookmarking tool
Link of all your bookmarks
Tagging Shared bookmarking tool
Bookmarking groups
Annotate and highighting tools Vocabulary practice
Art, Chemistry, Languages, English
Geogray & math practice
Donates rice to 3rd world countries Audio file on any written material
Full URLs
30 seconds for free Example: http://followme.wikispaces.com/ Makes any link into a PDF file Create an interactive timeline
Add pictures and text Example: http://www.timetoast.com/timelines/24846 Create a video quickly
Add pictures, music & text
Automatically makes your video Edublogs
http://edublogs.org/ Example: Make collags with pictures
Customize and select shapes Interviews recorded and easily shared.
Embed it to your blog and share it with the world. Create a classroom Blog
Meet other classrooms and connect
provides safe environemt for students to connect Example:
http://www.ustream.tv/channel/web-2.0-show Create Professional Diagrams
Collaborate and publish
Clean look and easy to use Example Coordinate volunteers online
Easy to access and sign-up Examples: Example: http://wallwisher.com/wall/60in60 Online notice board maker
Ask a question, have peopel post
Used as a parking lot Example:
http://www.scribblar.com/rooms/index.cfm?r=c4r2tzp&c=null&CFID=1421451&CFTOKEN=ab28eae0912e9a7-2CB953DE-1111-1701-BFA83E389D1861D2 Collaborate on a white board
Add text, pictures, arrows and more Get a web phone number
Connect ot to your cell phone & home phone
Text based voice mail and sms service Easy to use telprompter
Record vodcast and podcasts easily
Paste text, set speed and start reading Create and share tuorials and lessons
Monitored content, lots of educational uses
Search for lessons that can enhance your teaching Online video editor
Quickly edit video without software Visual Blogging
Embedable into wikis as front pages
EDU account for students use Examaple: http://followme.wikispaces.com/ Example: Online Classroom Edu 2.0 for schools
http://www.edu20.org/ Add text & audio about pictures
Send audio via computer or phone Create an online school & classroom
Free alternative to Moodle & Blackboard Example: http://60in60.wikispaces.com/Web+2.0+Feb+2010#Pre-Presentation-Animation%20Sites%3A Example: Example: http://houston.edu20.org/site Example: http://tinychat.com/60in60 http://img.skitch.com/20100218-rgx1jfbhmhb4w7tysgygpxs6kn.jpg http://60in60.wikispaces.com/ http://drop.io/60in60min Example: 51:00 42:00 38:00 30:00 26:00 22:00 9:00 18:00 22:00 26:00 30:00 34:00 38:00 42:00 51:00 60:00 18:00 9:00 34:00 http://delicious.com/lutzcff http://voicethread.com/#u4422.b376204.i1985294 http://www.dailymugshot.com/main/show/26414 Co-Presenter:
Tracey McGrath
Twitter: tmcgrath http://tinyurl.com/60in60survey Example: Example: http://tinyurl.com/60in60inter Example: http://geogebra.com/cms Geogebra is dynamic mathematics software for all levels of education
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