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Dogs & Puppies

No description

Sally H

on 20 October 2013

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Transcript of Dogs & Puppies

Dogs & Puppies
By Sally
Owning dogs may cost lots of money & is a big responsibility but it is well worth it.
When you're choosing a puppy, you should see if it has a similar personality as you. It is best that you see it's mother before you buy it. If you have kids, make sure that the dog is safe to play with & not too rough. Once you buy the puppy, give it a name straight away
If you like buying toys for your dog, check that the toy is safe for your dog to play with. Some dogs like to play fetch with a stick so if your dog wants to play that make sure that the stick is not too sharp & that your dog doesn't jump too high or it may hurt itself. Most dogs like to play with someone, so if your dog wants to play with you choose a safe game like hid & seek. That game is easy & fun, you jusat have to hide a toy while your dog closes it's eyes & count. Then once your done, your it can find the toy.
Training your dog may be challenging for you & annoying for your dog. You should train it in the gardenor somewhere that it's comfortable with. It is best that an adult trains the dog. Regular lessons are much better than long lessons, they are about 5-10 minutes. First your dog should learn the 4 basic techniques, which is to sit, stay, heel & come. If it obeys what you say then give it lots of treats so that it will keep working for treats.
Your dog's health is really important. Dogs need to go on walks for about 15 minutes everyday. That can only be done outside. Puppies can be washed in sinks & larger dogs can be washed in the garden with a hose. Both dogs can only be washed with warm water. Dogs with long hair need lots of grooming. Small dogs eat less but more often & big dogs eat more but less often. Dogs can sometimes carry diseases. Adeadly disease called Rabies can be foundon dogs that can kill human beings. If you think your dog has the disease, take it to the vet immediatly.
Most dogs love car journeys & travelling with their family. When your dog is in the car, you must remember not to let it have it's head hanging out of the window or the wind may hurt it's eyes. When you park your car to buy something, you must not leave a puppy in the car for even a few minutes. An adult dog can't be left alone in the car for more than 2 minutes. Some dogs like to go swimming so if you take your dog to the beach or at a lake to swim, you must not let it swimm too far or it mey swim into river entrances
Female dogs are technically called bitches. At one point of the year you bitch may be attracted to male dogs, that means she is ready to start mating. Sometimes a male might come to your front door to mate with her & if you let him in he may start sniffing each other to see the differences between each other. If you don't want your puppy to ever mate with another dog, you should take it to the vet to give it to an operation. it is best that you do that when your puppy is about 5 months old.
Bitches can have puppies at just 6 months old. When your puppy's tummy & nipples start to swell, that means she is pregnant. Che must be given more milk & meat but less cereal. You must give it more food than usual for about 3 weeks. You will notice that she will become much less playful.
Dogs & puppies can be really helpful family members. Having a dog be part of your family is a real treat.
A Female dog's life cycle
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