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EWB Team Structure and Roles - Oct 9, 2012

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George Roter

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of EWB Team Structure and Roles - Oct 9, 2012

Strategy and Investments Network Operations Talent Outcomes for the coming months: 1) Lots of great candidate ventures are generated
2) The best ventures are selected
3) Ventures make unprecedented progress toward systemic change
4) Make the whole greater than the sum of the parts VP: Boris Martin
(leading team + strategy processes overall + exec member) Portfolio managers James Haga - 100% - focus on policy influence
Sal Alajek - 50% portfolio mgmt (transition to this over the coming months) - also Venture Lead for GE ventures
Mike Klassen - 20% portfolio mgmt - also Venture Lead for AVC
Mike Kang - 50% FTE as a consultant Ventures Sam Burton - Advocacy Campaign Coordinator
Jeff Geipel - Systems Change Entrepreneur - shaping extractives investment space
Florian Villaume - Kumvana Programs/other? AfriLead (TL: Peter Awin) AgEx (TL: Erin Antcliffe) AVC (TL: Mike Klassen) BDS (TL: Sarah Grant) - include mobile business clinics CFTN (TL: Sean McHugh) G&RI (TL: Merlin Chatwin) GE Curriculum (TL: Sal Alajek) GE Outreach (TL: Sal Alajek) Kulemela (TL: Shannon P) By The People (TL: Ian Froude) Voto (TL: Louis Dorval) WatSan (TL: Alyssa Lindsay, Duncan McNicholl) Youth Venture (TL: Anna Smith) Our Belief: The spirit and strength of EWB lies in our exceptional people working within an environment and culture that enable them to grow and excel. At the heart of this are our fulltime staff.
Our Bottom Line: The Talent Team exists to ensure that we attract and engage the best fulltime staff to fulfill our current aspirations, and to nurture the development of our talent to help them reach their full potential. In this way we support them in innovating and evolving EWB into tomorrow.
Our Ambition: EWB will have a global reputation for providing the best opportunity for innovative and dynamic system change leaders to grow and realize their potential within the social change sector. This reputation will fuel and drive us towards our vision.
Our Principles: We believe that creating a culture of high team and personal performance is essential to achieving our vision. Vision (draft) VP: Mark Abbott
(leading team + exec member) Suzanne Fish - APS Recruitment
Robin Stratas - APS HR
Mina Shahid - JF/ProF Program Manager
Sarah Flanagan (transition over coming months) - National Office HR Staff Rebecca Peel - APS recruitment - Sept-Dec
Larissa Gross - Pre-departure upgrades - Sept-Dec SCFs Why do we exist? Our bottom line is to build and foster a resilient, adaptive, and healthy network* of people & structures to fuel EWB’s change.
We believe that leadership and change go hand in hand. EWB is more than an incubator. We provide real opportunities for passionate people to contribute to real change initiatives that in turn develop greater leadership capacity.

*when we use network, we are referring anyone that contributes to EWB in a non-full-time capacity (unlike Talent team)

What do we do?
We aim to cultivate a network in which people see themselves as agents, and not recipients; where they are invested to the point of feeling that they “are EWB” rather than just “support EWB”. Vision (draft) Team lead: Anna Hopkins (for now!) Evan Walsh - Atlantic, ON-East, Toronto - Student - Strategy - Venture/Investments link
Matthieu Bister - Quebec - CN/DT - Internal Comms - IP link
Francis Kung (65% for now) - ON-West - Alumni - Online Community - Operations link
Anna Hopkins - BC/Alberta - Talent link Staff Mica McCurdy - Sask/Man Other Buddies Invested Partnerships Team Team lead: Beth Borody Mica McCurdy - Chapter and Network
Paul Cescon - Corporate and High Net Worth Partners
Ayon Shahed - Run to End Poverty Tyler Blacquier - SCF (R2EP + Holiday) Communications Team lead: Ward Alsop Finance Team lead: Ashley Hardill Fiona Crichton (PT) - Bookkeeper Office Mgmt + Admin Team lead: Sarah Flanagan (to be transitioning) Mary Hasfjord - EA CEO: George Roter
(leading operations +
leading exec) http://prezi.com/gpktyap16c2w/ewb-team-structure-and-roles-oct-9-2012/
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