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No description

austin schaeper

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of Leadership

Building Leaders
.You don't want to be the king, you want to be the king maker. You must constantly be developing the up and coming leaders on your team.
.Spend PERSONAL time every week with your leaders to build their skills (presenting and training)
.Recognize and build the brands of your leaders.
.Form a mastermind group where all of your leaders can stay connected.
.Give them responsibilities, your leaders need to be in front of the room as much as possible.
Your role
.Power down to your newest team members, don't surface sit.
.You should NOT be presenting every event, you should only close or be promoted as a guest speaker
.Hold conference calls, leadership meetings, oovoo calls with your team.
.Personally mentor a new group each month of members that have been in for less than a month, have your leaders pick the people in your group.
.You MUST travel!!! your focus needs to be on expading into new states, cities, and colleges. work personally with people in new areas to build their team big enough to travel to.
.Seek upline mentoring at least once a week
Being a Leader
.Don't manage your team, INSPIRE them.
.As a leader, eyes are on you. you must be aware of everything that you say and do around your team.
.You set the pace for your entire organization. you want your team to work hard? show them how hard you work.
Leadership Training
Leading by Example
.Monkey SEE monkey DO. Do what you want your team to do!

.Speed of the leader, speed of the team. Your team will only move as fast as you move

.Get organized! plan your event and training schedule, traveling schedule, and daily schedule in advance.
.You must be an AMAZING presenter and trainer, NO EXCUSES! (10/10)
.Develop your story and become a pro at sharing it!
.Become effective at reaching out to the newest members and get them making $$
.Work with the newest people the most, it's easier to raise a baby than it is to raise the dead.
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