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IE 621: Adv. Info System

No description

basem badkook

on 19 October 2014

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Transcript of IE 621: Adv. Info System

King Abdul-Aziz University
Faculty of Engineering
Industrial Engineering Dept.

IE 621: Adv. Info System
Spring 2014
Assignment No#1

Name/BasemYoussef Badkook

Dr. Muhammad Ehsan Ulhaque

Biometric System
Security (Making Business Decisions II)
Problem Statement
Many customers exposed to fraud and swindle when they use credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and other credit card organizations). The customer can’t protect your information or data if he lost the card or someone Stolen it. Also, some Companies wayward security practices on the hook to pay for any costs associated with a data breach of their IT systems.
Introduction about Security case
Citibank Singapore rolled out a new way for credit card holders to make payments using their finger prints. The purchase amount registers to the corresponding Citibank account. The biometric payment system works only for Citibank Platinum card holders and is offered in a few local outlets including restaurants, clubs, and cinemas. Two prominent retailers in the area, TJX Companies and Stop & Shop, wrestle with the aftermath of significant breaches that have exposed some of their customers to fraud.
In information technology, biometrics refers to technologies that measure and analyze human body characteristics, such as DNA, fingerprints, eye retinas and irises, for authentication purposes.
How would a biometric payment system help protect the cafe and its customers?
Biometric system such as fingerprints, are more secure than other means of authentication, including PIN numbers, or signatures. People can forge signatures, passwords and PIN numbers can be easily be found out and used by others. But, fingerprints and other physical means of security are difficult to forge.

The biometric payment system would protect the cafe by having to pay fee by those who commit fraud and make customers feel that their identity and other personal information is protected. It makes customers feel safe while in cafe, since their personal information is stored in cafe computers . Also it would hopefully mean less cash on hand at all times. It would increase cash flow, and decrease the amount of petty cash on hand.
Biometric payment system provides enhanced protection against fraud.

Biometric payments system provides both business and customer’s protection. Customers would not need to carry cash, checks or cards. Customers can make their purchase with the touch of finger

Biometric payment system is a faster means of processing then using cash or credit cards. It’s faster than traditional means of payment. It is more timely and convenient.

Biometric payment system has lower transaction processing cost, because credit and debit cards processing fees is increasing.

• What issues and concerns would you have if you decided to deploy the biometric payment system?

Implementing this advanced technology can be very risky and can rise a lot concerns.

If the implementation and usage of the system is too confusing or time consuming then customers may lose interest to even signup to use the program.

Fingerprints have law enforcement issues. Consumers may fear that their finger prints can be made available to law enforcement officials or government agencies.

• What advantages could the cafe gain by implementing a biometric payment system?
Thank You
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