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Analysis of Poo-Pourri Commercial

No description

Taylor Ramsay

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Analysis of Poo-Pourri Commercial

Analysis of Poo-Pourri Commercial
narrator alludes to the iPhone 5 in order to make their product seem very popular
implies that their product is even better than the iPhone 5 (a very popular product)
uses vivid images to add humor to the commercial
catches the attention of the viewer
humor makes the commercial memorable
very to the point when speaking about her feces
doesn't beat around the bush about the topic
utilizes data and statistics in order to convince the audience to purchase the product
appeals to the audience in the form of logos
over exaggerates the stench of her feces
makes the viewer think that if their product can mask the stench of a "300 cow dairy farm" it would be effective on any stink
uses many metaphors for "poop"
tone of narrator is very humorous and matter-of-fact
uses satire to make fun of the human "weakness" of defecating
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