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African Animals

Look at all the amazing animals in Africa!

Jess Chambers

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of African Animals

Double click anywhere & add an idea Ostrict Salt Water Crocodile Impala Bengal Tiger Diamod Rattlesnake African Elephant African Wild Dog African Male Lion Cheetah Geledad Monkay Africa is the home of the most wildlife areas around the world. It is also the second largest continent. With millions of open acres scattered all around, it gives the animals a place to roam around and live theirs lives without being affected by humans. The Cheetah's are the fastest hunters to roam in Afica. Their speed and adgility gives them an advantage over all the other animals. The ture ruler of the African plains would have to be the Afican Elephant. An elephant really has no preditors and can kill other animals by just stepping on them. Four of the fastest land animals live in Africa. The Cheetah-70mph, Wildbeest, Lion,Thomson's Gazelle, all going about the speed of 50mph. Giraffe Some of the largest animals live in Africa. There is the Giraffe, whose tongue can be up to 45 cm. Then there is the Gorilla. The Gorilla is the largest living primate. The Nile and Saraha Desert, the largest river and desert, are two very important parts in the animals lives. The Nile is where they get all their water from and the Saraha is where many of the animals tend to make their homes. AFRICAN ANIMALS
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