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Finding Nemo Archetypes

No description

Connor Whan

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Finding Nemo Archetypes

Archetypal Film Analysis
Osiris Archetype: Male Messiah and Punisher
Hestia Archtype: The Mystic and Betrayer
Poseidon Archetype: Artist and Abuser
Ares Archetype: Protector and Gladiator
Refusal of the Call
Marlin is afraid to enter the open sea to get Nemo back.
Ordinary World
Marlin lives in a sea anemone with his wife and babies who are yet to hatch
Call to Adventure
Nemo goes to touch the "Butt"
The Hero's Journey
Answering the Call
Nemo gets captured by the divers so Marlin leaves the reef to retrieve his son
Meeting the Mentor
Dory is the mentor. She teaches Marlin how to not be afraid, to let go and allow Nemo to take some risks.

Crossing the First Threshold
Marlin leaves the reef and swims after Nemo. He follows the boat into the open sea.
Nemo is the item that Marlin cares about.
Dory goes with Marlin on the adventure. Dory helps by remembering the address on the diver's goggles.
Road of Trials
The encounter with Bruce and the sharks
Darla- evil girl who doesn't know how to treat animals
Dory's short term memory loss
"Mine" birds
Dentist closes window on the pelican
Connor Whan
Hero's Journey
Finding Nemo
Brother Battle
Marlin and Dory fight over the mask. Dory gets hit in the nose and bleeds which leads to Bruce attacking.
Nemo is kidnapped by the divers, which is why marlin's adventure takes place.
Sea Journey
Since the story is about fish, the journey is in the sea.
Dragon Battle
Marlin has to escape a killer fish.
Ritual Death
Marlin thinks he is dead before he sees that the mask stopped the killer fish.
Recognition by the Father
Nemo shows his love for his dad when he is rescued.
Entering the Belly of the Whale
Dory and Marlin are sucked into the belly of a whale. As water enters the belly we see the optimist/pessimist views of each character.
Magic Elixir
The pelican carries Marlin and Dory to the dentist's office. Nemo is not retrieved in this effort.
Refusal of the Return
Marlin doesn't want to give up, but he knows he wont be able to get into the office, so he looks out of the water before turning home.
Magic Flight/Pursuit
Bruce attacks Dory and Marlin (beginning).
Dory has to escape the fishing net and Marlin has to let Nemo go in to help (end).
Master of Two Worlds
Marlin overcomes his fears of the open sea to get his son back. Also, Nemo becomes a part of the family in the tank, which is a whole new world for him.
Freedom to Live
Nemo and Marlin live peacefully after their return.
Andrew Stanton's
Finding Nemo
Loves to be alone
Works carefully and slowly at one task at a time
lives without material possessions (home?)
tries to keep peace, stay positive
Lives in isolation
shy and timid
lives in her head too much
Physical not mental
focused on fun and travel
will fight for loved ones and a good cause when others do not
Searches for next big thrill or challenge
Physically responds without thinking
acts as if he's always in survival mode
lives on the edge
trouble considering consequences
craves blood, death and battle
Hermes Archetype: Fool and the Derelict
practical joker
adventurous, inquisitve and playful
acts young for his age and loves kids
impulsive and reckless, without limits
takes too many risks
questions authority
healthy sense of who he is
stands up for beliefs
inner strength
tells the truth even when harsh
sees only black and white
spontaneous and instinctual
full of passion and intensity
loves his family despite how he acts
very street smart
no fear in expressing himself
trouble controlling emotions
invades boundaries
Marlin is the protagonist of the film. His character grows as the story progresses. He begins as an overprotective father not willing to put the safety of his son on the line. He questions if Nemo loves him. When he gets Nemo back he realizes his son does care about him just doesn't show it around his friends. Marlin learns how to loosen his grip on Nemo and life and enjoy it.
Dory plays the role of the best friend. She is always there to help, but doesn't always know how or can't. Tries to make sure the friendship stays alive. Will change her life to not risk loosing Marlin.
Is Marlin a Hero?
Marlin- The Hero
Marlin follows the main steps of a hero's journey perfectly. However, some of the steps that are not in the main twelve are either not present or not in its ideal spot. All in all, Marlin both represent the hero in this story and follows the path to prove it.
Journey and Archetypes
Although the journey seemed out of order for some points, the film was still able to show Marlin's development clearly. Also, it was easy to see the archetype of each main character because of the format of the story.
Film's Strength
The movie is easily liked not only because of its kid friendly nature, but its ability to allow the viewer to connect to characters.
Journey and Character Impact
The viewers are unconsciously watching the same story in every movie. In order to grab the attention of the audience, the creators utilized amusing characters as well as opposing personalities that are shown throughout the film.
Barracuda attack (wife and kids die)
Nemo survives-- Marlin is very protective
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