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Eric Owen

on 9 July 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

What services are provided?
Benton County Health Services
At Your Service
Family Medicine
Family Planning
Annual Exams
Mental Health
Nurse Home Visiting
Get the most out of your visit
Know Your
Care Team
Preventive Health Services
Alcohol and Drug Treatment
STI Testing and Treatment
Health Navigation
Have your questions ready.
Don't hesitate to ask your care team members questions about what you're here for today.
Ask questions if you don't understand something your provider has said.
Ways to stay healthy
Things we can do for you:
Help you get access to insurance
Provide immunizations

for you and your loved ones
Adult wellness and Well-child check visits
Work with you to help you manage your chronic conditions like diabetes or asthma
Health navigation services to help you connect to community resources
Provide treatment when you aren't feeling well
Help you manage your medications
Help you have a healthy pregnancy and prepare for your baby
What you can do for yourself:
Eat healthy meals
Stay active
Get enough sleep
Ask your doctor questions
Limited Private Insurance
Children and Youth
Counseling, case management, and referrals for youth and their families
Alcohol and drug treatment for ages 13-18 years
Contact information:
541-766-6835: regular business hours
888-232-7192: emergency crisis line
Out-patient mental health
Peer Specialist program
Pre-commitment services
Gambling treatment
Substance abuse treatment
Contact Information:
541-766-6835: Regular Business Hours
1-888-232-7192: Emergency Crisis Line
WIC-Women Infant and Children
These programs help women and children with supplemental food and answers to any questions you may have.
See if you can qualify...
Assistance at Benton County
If you receive your care here...
services can go further
prescription assistance
help with signing up for OHP
interpretation and bilingual staff
Healthy Habits
stop smoking
eat healthy meals
continue exercising
wash your hands frequently
**or should this slide be an overview of everything "learned"
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