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SCLY1 - Couples4

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on 5 May 2013

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Transcript of SCLY1 - Couples4

Radical Feminists see men as the enemy who cause all the inequality. They are the suppressors and the exploiters of women.
They believe that domestic violence is a method of presenting mans power over woman and this will eventually become widespread. Radical Feminist VERY IMPORTANT DECISIONS (like finances and moving house) where made by a man
IMPORTANT DECISIONS (like children’s education and holiday plans) were a joint progress
LESS IMPORTANT DECISIONS (home décor and food) where normally made by the woman. Decision Making Feminists say that men benefit more from domestic labour then women benefit from the financial support because it is unpredictable and also with ‘strings attached’.
Finances used to be sorted so the woman had an allowance from the mans income and the man kept any spare. However there is an increase in the pooling system where all the money is in a joint bank account. Resources in the household Lesbian couples have been proven to share housework more fairly then heterosexual couples. They take an interest in each others careers and also have a positive outlook on childcare.
This is said to be because they don’t have to follow male and female ‘gender scripts’ where they have to follow the stereotypes. Lesbian Couples and Gender Scripts Feminists believe that even though women are now working, there is still inequality in the household and the family is still very patriarchal.
They say that working women are having to suffer a dual burden. Dual Burden This is where products that housewives used to have to make themselves like cleaner are now commercially produced.
This includes things like ready meals and the microwave because this decreases the domestic labour
Also working women can now afford these products. The commercialisation of housework Feminist Ann Oakley (1974) argues that family is not symmetrical. She says that if a husband does do domestic labour it is for his gain by playing with children instead of supporting with cleaning and other domestic labour.
Feminists still believe that men are doing less domestic labour and the primary care of children still lies with the wife. Feminist Theories Marxist Feminists
Feminists who see patriarchy as a result of class inequalities
Domestic Labour
Work around the house like cooking, cleaning and childcare that is unpaid. Key Terms Feminism
A view that challenges male dominance
A social system based on male dominance
Radical Feminists
Feminists who see patriarchy as the main form of inequality in society Key Terms AS Sociology
Summary Feminist Theories Mainly, it is the fact that men are starting to take more of the domestic labour and even there are househusbands.
Its ignoring the fact that a woman may want to be the primary care for children. Against Feminist Theories Unfortunately women are the majority of victims of domestic abuse.
This is socially accepted to be a man beat woman thing but it can be reversed.
Also, the police don’t want to interrupt this normally because they see the family as a good thing and they think that the woman can leave at any time even though it is likely that she is financially dependent on the man. Domestic Abuse Women being able to get paid work has resulted in more women getting part time or full time jobs. But these are said to be an extension on the domestic labour because they are in nursing or childcare.
Also women still have to do approximately 80% of the domestic labour when they get home! What does paid work do to these theories? They reject the fact that society is improving its equality and trying to eliminate sexism. They see that women still do most of the domestic labour. What is a Feminist Theory
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