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ToK Presentation: Music

No description

Keerthi Kshatrya

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of ToK Presentation: Music

Thank You Music is highly subjective, as with any form of art.

There are different factors contributing to liking a certain piece of music

In each case, there is bias and there are limitations to judging it.

It’s a very individual thing and should be kept that way. Conclusion Definition of Music:
“The art of expression in sound, in melody, in harmony, including both composition and execution”- Chambers Dictionary

“Good” music, here, is music that you enjoy. In a general sense, it is down to popularity. Semantics Is there any science behind music itself and why we like it?

Organic world develops through Darwinian evolution (survival of the fittest). why not social traits/culture like music?

http://darwintunes.org/ Science UK Singles Chart
-Combines record sales and download figures.


How about illegally downloaded songs?

Missing out people who don’t purchase music and those who like older music. Reason Just a load of vibrations in air, in a sequence of frequencies.

Hearing should be a sense that provides certainty.

You don’t hear with ears, but your brain. Because we have different brains/pathways etc, we “hear same frequencies differently. Sense Perception Context (and language) can contribute to emotional responses.

Where you where when you first listened to it. Emotion Looking at music from a cultural POV

Gangnam Style was not written in English. Lyrics didn’t mean much.
But despite this geographical/cultural difference-still appreciate it.

Are lyrics important? Does it add to meaning and then emotion?

What about classical music? Language Music is seen as a medium of ART:

Could be seen as a way of understanding, interpreting the world around us.

Created to evoke emotions within the recipient

Put forward as art

SUBJECTIVE Art Wednesday before last (14th November 2012) was the 60th anniversary of the UK Singles Chart.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-20308367 60th Anniversary of Music Charts To What Extent Should We Judge and Compare How Good a Piece of Music is? By Keerthi Kshatrya Here In My Heart
Al Martino Gangnam Style
Psy Primary School Children Ballroom Dancers History/Culture
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