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Special Effect Make up Artist

No description

Jenn Pratt

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of Special Effect Make up Artist

Special Effect Make up Artist
St. Lawrence College:

Located in Kingston, ON
Program Code: 0736
Credential: Diploma
Program Level: Post Secondary
Competitive: No
40 weeks
Scholarships and Bursaries are available


Grade 12 ENG4U or ENG4C
Grade 11 Math


$5,372.15 Tuition fee (Domestic)
$1087. 15 Compulsory

This was the first makeup I have ever done by myself.
This is another one of my more recent creations and one of my favourites.
This was the first Spfx I have ever done with wax and blood.
How It All Began
The Life of a Makeup Artist
Core Tasks:

Sketch designs and construct models
Use cosmetics to enhance performers’ features
Create looks that match performers to their roles
Create prosthetics out of foam rubber, silicone, gelatin, latex, or plastic
Apply special effects makeup prosthetics, such as facial scars or tentacles


Makeup Artists earn from 20K to 85K

Attributes, Abilities and Education Needed:

Good with people
Knowledge of film or theater production
Experience working with cosmetics
High School and Community College and or Technical Training

Workplace and Related Careers

Work for film production companies, theater production companies, TV studios, magazines, or are self-employed
Work in studios, or in trailers on location
Often work with hair stylists and costume and clothing designers
May work as many as 16 hours a day during productions
On their feet much of the time


Cosmetologists are beauty professionals who work on hair, skin, and nails to keep them healthy and attractive.

Makeup Artist
Makeup artists apply cosmetics, powders, paints, gels, and other products to the faces of actors and other performers. - Career Cruising

Makeup Artists use multiple products to enhance or create new features to alter the actors or the performers appearance. - My own words.

How Can I Translate My Passion Into A Career
High School Courses
Sheridan College:

Located in Trafalgar (Oakville)
Program Code: PMMCA
Credential: Diploma
Program Level: Post Secondary
Program Type: Regular
Competitive: No
2 years (4 terms) Regular or 16 months continuous


One English (grade 12) ENG4C or ENG4U
Portfolio is not required


$4,613.82 - 4 Terms (Domestic)
$535.00 - Additional for Co-op Program
Makeup For Media Creative Art
Ever since I was young I had developed a deep interest in horror movies and the characters they were based on. Halloween was a night where you could be dress up and be anything you wanted to, and I being the huge horror fanatic took full advantage of that. When I was 6 I was a witch and continued that character for three years, than a troll, a fairy, a pirate, a cracked doll, a porcelain doll and soon to be followed by a sugar skull. My dad would always have the face paint handy when it came close to Halloween night, and we would spend hours and weeks brainstorming the characters and creatures and how we could recreate them. When I was 12-13 years of age I decided to play around with different makeup and costumes and I tried to create characters of my own. I would spend hours in my room with the one face paint pallet which consisted of 5 colors and a paint brush and a little pack of fake blood, painting and taking it off and repeating this cycle until I had the look I had envisioned in my mind. Soon after I began to become more and more interested in makeup and was amazed at how paint and shading can change the whole structure and look of someone’s appearance. I then began to create and spend more time working on face painting which lead to special effects make up and prosthetics. Now I have done over 100 difference characters and creatures.

Face Painting
Graphic Design
Prosthetics and Props
Makeup For Media Creative Art
Cosmetology, prosthetics, body paint, fabrication and special effects are all professions I would love to do when I am older. Specifically more special effects makeup and prosthetics due to my fascination in horror movies and the characters. Gore has been something that I enjoy more only because it alters your appearance more than sticking with your general face shape and adding shading and high lights. For example by using prosthetics you are able to create different animal or different human forms. I am soon hoping to purchase a life cast of my own. A life case is a mode of your head and chest, creating a bust of yourself which you can then sculpt your prosthetics and apply latex or silicone etc.
Advanced Special Effects Makeup, Prosthetics and Props
Sheridan College:

Located in Trafalgar (Oakville)
Program Code; PASEM
Credential: Graduate Certificate
Program Level: Post Diploma
Program Type: Regular
Competitive: No
1 year (3 semesters)


1 page letter of introduction and intent description (your goals and why admission to this program is important to you)
Documentation that demonstrates a minimum of 2 years related industry experience
Creative portfolio of 4 of your best work (3D work, 2D work, works in progress, mold making, photography, and concept design)


$11,407.79 - 3 Semesters (Domestic)
$535.00 - Addition for Co-op Program

Courses that will help or give me an advantage for pressuring Special Effects Makeup

Visual Arts
Media Arts
May not be required but gives you an advantage if you take art throughout
Most programs require grade 11 and 12 Math and English, French is a language that will give you a big advantage when applying for schools and jobs in the future.
This was one of the recent one I have done.
This is the most recent creation I have, and this is another one of my favourites.
In 10-20 years from now, you will know me as. Jennifer Pratt a well known SPFX Makeup Artist.

(There's more a face that meets the eye.)
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