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Monotheistic Religions

Introduction to world religions with a focus on the three Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) and the birthplace that is Jerusalem.

Jerry Lubos

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of Monotheistic Religions

Monotheistic Religions
What is religion?
A system of beliefs and practices involving a god or some other higher power beyond the everyday reality of life
How do people express their beliefs?
In the form of
and in the way believers lead their lives. Rituals are special ceremonies where people come together to celebrate their faith
What does religion aim to do?
Offer explanations of the meaning and purpose of life and provide moral advice and instruction
Characteristics of a religion
It offers explanations (
creation stories
) of how the Universe came into being to help people deal with questions on our existence (
"the meaning of life"

A sense of
- as it brings together people who share the same beliefs

Most religions have
sacred texts
containing stories about God, notable teachers or prophets, and events in history

They include
- from painting to poetry, to music and dance
Statistical information
- 2.3 billion followers. 50% Roman Catholics
- 1.5 billion followers. 80% Sunni, 20% Shia
- 1 billion
- 900 million followers, mostly in India
- 400 million followers, mostly in Asia
- about 14 million
The Holy City of Jerusalem
What religion am I?
What religion am I?
What religion am I?
"The Birthplace of three major religions"
Dome of the Rock
Church of the Holy Sepulcher
Western Wall
Eldridge Synagogue - NYC
Star of David
(Magen David)
The Torah
Holy Cross
Notre Dame Cathedral - Paris
Tatev Monastery - Armenia
The Bible
Holy Communion
The Qu'ran
(Al Kitab vs. Mushaf)
Rosary beads
Prayer mats
Crescent Moon and Star
Mihrab - Qibla - Salah
Sultan Ahmed Mosque
(Blue Mosque) - Turkey
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque - UAE
Ka'ba - Hajj
Minaret - muezzin
I can explain the relationship among religious ideas and cultures

I can identify examples of art, music, and literature convey universal themes such as religion

I can identify religious institutions common in all societies

Learning Targets
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