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Brave New World:

English Culminating Group Presentation

Tohfa Azizi

on 2 May 2016

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Transcript of Brave New World:

Some Issues in the novel are:
-humanity vs technology
-lack of individuality
-ignorance among the people
-mindless obedience
The people in Brave New World believe that they are truly happy, being able to indulge in almost any pleasures that they wish, but the reality is that they are conditioned/brainwashed to think that. They also know that they are being conditioned/brainwashed but they don't want to change it because they don't see any reason to. Through the main character, Bernard, the readers see that the people in BNW are very dependent on their artificial happiness.
A real life example of Soma in our society today are antidepressant, these medications are being prescribed by doctors to keep patients happy, just like in the novel the government used Soma to keep the citizens happy.
Soma in the society of today:
In this novel the society is taught that if your things aren't up to date they aren't as good as the other individals, this is exactly like the real world.
For example some things that would need to be kept updated are, technology, clothes, shoes, etc.
They are taught to constantly consume without any questions, they're not allowed to read books or know anything about history to get knowledge so they can get a background on things. In the real world we have a choice but we're not making the right ones, we're basically turning into the Brave New World society.
In this society people show different ways of dealing with love and sex.
Love & Sexuality
What is Individuality?
Brave New World:
By: DeAnne, Max, Kathy, Tohfa, Zarmeen
Individuals in this book are categorized in 5 different castes. Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas, and Epsilons.
Classification System:
Individuality and the Individuals:
The language in the novel, Brave New World is very precise and taunting. Meaning there's always a little delay of the disclosure for important information. For example, the scene at the end where we do not know if John has sex with Lenina or not, but we're left with enough clues to make a reasonable assumption. In this novel, Huxley describes a society where preciseness and accuracy is everything.
The language in this novel has as much control over displays of emotion, thoughts, and opinions as the World Controllers have over centimeters, days, and grams.
Language and the written word
North American Consumption
Some of the themes in novel "Brave New World" are:
Genetic Engineering
The "mindless" masses
Brave New World
Drugs, Torture, Propaganda
Two ways to make an exact copy of an organism genetically in a lab are called artificial embryo twinning, and somatic cell nuclear transfer.
In biology, cloning is the process of producing similar populations of genetically identical individuals. Which sounds a lot like the BNW society however the only difference is real clones are organisms that are exactly genetic copies, meaning every bit of their DNA is identical. Clones aren't just made in labs they can happen naturally, two identical twins are good example of it. The processed used to make clones almost mirrors the same process used to breed Alphas, Betas, Gammas, etc. However in BNW they combine the Bokanovsky process with Podsnap's technique which speeds up the natural maturation of unfertilized eggs.
That is Soma?
Now our Creative Component:
A scene from our book
In Brave New World the World-state is supposed to reflect the perfect Utopia reformed from the Capitalist system. However it in fact exploits both Soviet Communism and "Fordist" American Capitalism. In Huxley's idea of the perfect world he suggested that the price of universal peace and happiness will be the cost of the very things that define as a human race, our culture, family, love, freedom, etc.
The unique characteristics and qualities, that distinguishes one person from others.
The people of Brave New World show many examples of the " mindless" masses.
- Sex and reproduction are controlled by world state
- Children play erotic games in the hatchery and conditioning center
- By 7 years old kids are participating in sexual activity

- Sex becomes a act of release, an outlet, entertainment, it's no longer a act of procreation
- In the "feelies"/ceremonies, sex is used to make people happy
-There is no real relationship between anyone besides sex
- Relationships consist of a group of people instead of two

Happiness for people in the BNW society is a lot different then happiness in our society. The World-State uses propaganda along with conditioning to produce a population that are as obedient as a well trained dog. It is etched into their brains at a young age that happiness comes from possessions and status, which in BNW society it consists of :

consuming produced goods-World State products, Soma,etc.

entertainment machines- obstacle golf, "feelies", etc.

promiscuous sex- which starts at an unusual young age
In Brave New World individuality and self-expression through emotions are discouraged. This utopian society is based on stability through mass production and consumption, individuality and emotions are seen as a threat of instability within society.
Savages vs World state society:
Savages are the people that still have sense when it comes to love and real life concept. They have legitimate relationships with friends and family. Looking at the two societies you can see that theres two different views about love and sex and how they can be a disaster.
The Novel "Brave New World" takes place in London about 600 years in the future, where every thing has been industrialized. This society is sustained through the use of genetic engineering, brainwashing, recreational sex and drugs. Sex has become something of passive enjoyment that even children (7 years) will partake in it. The people of the future have managed to create the perfect utopian society by artificially creating people. The society is built upon pleasures and false happiness, the members of this society believe they are happy, all except for Bernard Marx, an Alpha-Plus (or high-caste) psychologist. Through the main character, we see how different the world has become and the fears Aldous Huxley has for our world.
Love and Sexuality
The use of drugs, torture, and propaganda
Language and the written word
The "mindless" masses
The government wants to control the people, and they control them by making them consume their propaganda. Instead of using punishment or threats to make those conform/obey, the government gives rewards to those who abide to their laws.

-consumption (propaganda)
-self-delusion of happiness
Comic by: Stuart McMillen
"People are happy; they get what they want, and they never want what they can't get. They're well off; they're safe; they're never ill; they're not afraid of death; they're blissfully ignorant of passion and old age; they're plagued with no mothers or fathers; they've got no wives, or children, or lovers to feel strongly about; they're so conditioned that they practically can't help behaving as they ought to behave. And if anything should go wrong, there's soma. Which you go and chuck out of the window in the name of liberty, Mr. Savage. Liberty!" (Chapter 16)
In this industrialized utopian society of Brave New World, before a person is even born, the workers at the Conditioning Center decide their physical appearance, intelligence, and their function within the society. Therefore deciding every individual's fate. They mass produce of humans through the Bokanovsky's Process is a process that creates hundreds of twins. Through this process the normal human development is deliberately taking away the unique individuality of the people.
In society today, genetic engineering is done on animals, plants, humans etc. In both Brave New World and our society, it is used to modify and create a more 'perfect' and healthy person. Most people in our society use it to remove any hereditary illnesses/diseases so that the person will lead a healthy life.

The differences between Brave New World and modern time, is that the people of Brave New World are artificially created while in our world we mainly use it for mass production.

If this customization continues, the ideas in Brave New World where humans can be customized and conditioned to fit their role in society could very much come true and could be a possible reality if left unchecked.
The motto of this society is "Community, Identity, Stability". It is believed that individuality and self-expression through emotions are the cause of instability so, in this society individuality has been sacrificed in order to obtain stability and happiness of the community.
Individuality and any emotions other than happiness are strongly discouraged. "Everyone belongs to everyone else." One must always be happy no matter what in this society. One is not allowed to keep to themselves or be alone, these behaviors are seen as anti-social and are against the social norms.
Since childhood every individual is modeled into the idea perfect citizens who are trained to like what they have to do and want nothing more than what the society needs. This is achieved through harsh conditioning and hypnopaedia (sleep teaching). These techniques are used to brainwashes every individual, so they will conform to the believes of the society. Everyone is taught that uniformity is everything because it leads to stability.
This society doses everything possible to take away a person's individuality and to make them conform into the casts or class levels that they are in. Every cast is designed for different work. Everyone is forced to conform, if anyone denies then they are punished through isolation.
Soma is a drug that is given to the citizens in the society by the government to keep the citizens happy. This drug prevents individuals from feeling any emotions other than happiness and stops the citizens from experiencing the stressful negative effects from conflicts of life, that the government cannot shield the people from.
People in today's society are very dependent on drugs. People use them to relax themselves, and as a way to escape from the harshness of reality, to leave behind problems and difficulties. Now drugs are not just being used for medicinal purposes but, as a way to be happy.
Even though these antidepressant may be helpful for some people, for others it is providing false happiness. These drugs are used to cloud the realities of the present and replaces them with happy illusions. Instead of achieving happiness through facing our problems and overcoming obstacles by thinking of solutions, now too many people are dependent on drugs to provide happiness for them.
Just like in the novel Brave New world every day our society is becoming more and more dependent on the consumption of drugs.
Instead of finding the root of the problem which is causing unhappiness and stress, too many doctors are prescribing medication to keep people happy.
Why Shakespeare is prohibited?
Shakespeare is prohibited in the World State in this novel. One of the reasons is explained by Mond in chapter 16, that great literature tends to last, even when it becomes old; such as Shakespeare's work that we still read today. He then explains that in their society, based on consumerism, there needs to be citizens who want new things. "Newness is thus more important than intrinsic value."
He also explains that the citizens of the new world wouldn't understand Shakespeare because the stories he writes are based on experiences and passions that do not exist in the World State.
What is Behaviorism?
The theory that human behavior can be explained in terms of conditioning, without appeal to thoughts or feelings, and that psychological disorders are best treated by altering behavior patterns.
Behaviorism has a negative effect on the individual response
The individual is so to speak given to the conditioning person or the society
Because of the conditioning that takes place starting when a child is very young, the people of the Brave New World society have very different views than the reader who was not subjected to the same conditioning
Brave New World presents a less oppressive government maintaining a sense of calm but no doubt a controlling behavior towards the citizen’s everyday routine through conditioning and frequent use of Soma
"Till at last the child's mind is these suggestions, and the sum of the suggestions is the child's mind. And not the child's mind only. The adult's mind too – all his life long. The mind that judges and desires and decides – made up of these suggestions. But all theses suggestions are our suggestions!" (chapter 8) From the moment of being born in the World State, the citizens are under the heel of the state's conditioning methods with contents according to their class.
Conditioning occurs through interaction with the environment
Behaviorists believe that our responses to environmental stimuli shape our behaviors
2 major types of conditioning:
Classical conditioning;
technique used in which a naturally occurring stimulus is paired with a response.
Operant conditioning;
method of learning that occurs through reinforcements and punishments for behavior.
Examples of behaviorism would be using positive and negative reinforcements to get an individual to behave a certain way
The manipulation of DNA sequences for the purpose of research and to produce a new organism, done by deleting and inserting genes.
What is genetic engineering?
In this world the governments main focus seems to be "distract humans from what they're really doing" and it starts from the moment they're born. However in this society they don't just use commercials, posters, billboards, etc.They use extreme methods like Hypnoxedia to brainwash children, they developed complex entertainment machines so humans can have a false sense of achievement which also create mass levels of consumption, even the distribution of the drug Soma- which provides a "mindless" happiness making people comfy with their lack of freedom leaving all users vulnerable to government propaganda. Its a never ending cycle of consumption that always ends with humans acting as puppets, and the World State being the puppet master.
Being conditioned is basically just another form of propaganda, and its that propaganda that's taught them that such things like freedom and rights led to war and extinction. So in their society they have much less freedom, but a lot more stability and they've been born and conditioned to like it.
Many of the characters in Brave New World have had encountered many of things conflicts and have shown these issues and how it impacts their society
Artificial Embryo Twinning:

This technique uses the same approach as nature (reproductive cells, eggs, etc.) except the embryos are kept in a device called a Petri-Dish, instead of a regular mother-1.Ealry embryos separate into individual cells 2. they develop for a short time in a Petri-Dish 3. Lastly they are placed in a surrogate mother to finish developing.

Somatic Cell Nuclear Division

A somatic cell is any cell in the body other than the reproductive cells, (sperm,egg) each of these cells has two sets of chromosomes where the reproductive cells only have one. All they need to duplicate is DNA, and the nucleus of these cells has all of it.1. They isolate a somatic cell from an adult 2. they then remove a nucleus and all its DNA from an egg cell 3.then transfer the somatic cell into the egg cell (transfer is often done using an electric current hat fuses the membrane of an egg and somatic cell) 4. after some genetic tweaks it begins to behave like a fertilized egg 5. then it develops into an embryo 6. which is then planted in a surrogate mother.
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