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Research Proposal:

No description

Yvette B

on 4 August 2014

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Transcript of Research Proposal:

Research Problem
Parent involvement in education is widely recognized as important, yet it remains unclear what teachers expect or want of parents and what parents understand is expected of them.
Purpose Statement
The purpose of this study is to understand and clarify the levels of parental involvement so both parents and school staff are in
with the same vision
parents working behind the scenes (no time spent on campus) receive due credit.
Research Questions
1. How does
between parents and teachers impact the level of
parental involvement

2. Would
professional development
of teachers
regarding parents’ perspective and alternative forms of positive communication
with parental involvement?

Participants and Collaborators
selected parents & teachers

Research Method
Mixed methods

This will be a mixed methods study which will include two questionnaires and an experimental study between two groups of teacher/campuses.

Based on the 1st questionnaire (A) submitted, a professional development course will be created and offered to three of the six campuses.

At the end of the full academic year, parents will once again be given the same questionnaire (B) regarding their experiences and perceptions of parental involvement.

Data Collection
Data will be collected from two questionnaires

Data Analysis
Research Proposal:
Kristin Saunders, Shannon Martinez, Yvette Benavidez
EDU 5003 Research Methods
Professor Kara Mowrey
August 5, 2014

To Understand and Clarify the Levels of Parental Involvement so Both Parents and School Staff are in Alignment with the Same Vision
This problem is important because if it is researched further, it may help
clarify and defend the various levels of parental involvement and support
in the education process.

Extra screen
Delete if not needed.....................
3 researchers (1 per school)
District personnel
Parents and Parent liaison
Campus administrators
Classroom teachers
Quantitative portion of our research will include providing professional develop regarding parental involvement based on the data analysis of the initial questionnaire

Since the questionnaires will contain both open-ended and close ended responses, IBM's ViaVoice program will be used in the transcription process.
NCLB (section 1118) requires school programs to include parental involvement related to
student achievements and quality of schools
. The problem with section is that it is too focused on the ends justifying the means rather than the means justifying the ends. In other words, the system is too focused on
product-base (student achievement)
instead of
process-based (quality schools)
Mixed methods research studies may have issues - Researchers will cyclically collect & analyze data

Data from both questionnaires will be transcribed, categorized, coded,and enumerated by six researchers

The results of this data will be analyzed using a dichotomous variable model

Using the dichotomous variable model will satisfy the necessity of measuring the effectiveness of professional development regarding parental involvement on the actual level of parental involvement after the training was administered.

The results will be categorized using a

no increase
in parental involvement and a
for an
in parental involvement.

Comparison of means will require comparing all schools to determine the differences of perceptions at all grade levels following the
Analysis of Variance model (ANOVA).

All researchers will be
to reflect on experience
In this study, the professional development will serve as the

and the level of parental involvement after the professional
development will serve as the

Christensen, L. & Johnson, R.B. (2014).
Educational Research

Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed Approaches.
Sage Publications, Inc. Thousand Oaks, CA.
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