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Walking my way down the RUNWAY <3

This prezi is all about me and my life .......

Daysia Taylor

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Walking my way down the RUNWAY <3

Walking Down My Runway Dreaming When I grow up I want to not only model but to become a magazine editor. I enjoy Drawing , Writing Poems , Shopping Online , Taking Pictures , Modeling , Dressing and more . Rihanna inspires to me to be creative , and be different. Also not to be scared to think outside the box. Betsey Johnson Inspired me to
FASHION. She believes that everyone is
I also love her personality. I have 2 sisters , one cat and both parents. my little sister my parents me and my cat I was born in Baltimore ,MD My older sister is my everything. She gets me whatever i want. im spoiled. i love her I want to go to either a college in New York , San Francisco State University,UMES, or Morgan. I also want to open a boutique. My little sister can be annoying but has always gave me her honest opion about everything. If i need a honest opinion I would go to my little sister before anyone else. She has helped me with my walk when it comes to modeling. She is getting into the stage of loving fashion and she says she gets it from me. If it wasn't for them I would not have the opportunities I have in life now. He just watches me model. If it wasn't for my best friend i have no clue where i would be. This is my number one best friend. we model together , dance , have insider, both are creeps and more. friends that i know have my back. I am 15 ,
I love food.
My birthday is May.1
I talk a lot
I want to get my point across and thats all.
I am not neat but organized.
I LOVE , LOVE L O V E all my friends.
I am the HCIC !
I work down city hall , I am in the NAACP. I attend western High School , I went to Friendship Academy of Engineering and Technology and Leith Walk Elementary . when im bored i get on INSTAGRAM I am a hard worker ,
I am advanced in math
I am very goofy .
I am very crazy.
I am artistic.
and Makeya is mad because i didn't
help her with her prezi. Bob Marley is such an inspiration
he believes in world peace <3 I am an entrepreneur.
"Act Of Daring" I bedazzle a lot of things , I create websites , business cards , brochures , flyers and more. I am ALWAYS here if anybody needs me. I am a anti-social person, but i try not to be. I hate when people are in my business , I don't like stories that deal with treasure, but i do love the color GOLD. I love jewelry , bags , and jackets. MY LIFE My family is always there and they are my motivation to do better.My family has been my main supporters throughout my whole life. Especially through my modeling career.
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