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Grade 7 Geography Presentation

No description

Erika Lindstrom

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Grade 7 Geography Presentation

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli What is it all about? Geography Environment The physical surroundings,
and how they affect
peoples' lives. Region A part of the earth's surface that has similar characteristics. Interaction The environment provides opportunities and challenges. Humans change the environment as they use it. Movement The flow of people, information and goods around the world. HOW will we learn about these topics? Inquiry.

What do YOU want to know about the world?

I wonder....
- (here students share questions they have, ideas
- and Place Location is where a place is and where it is relative to other places.

Place is defined by unique physical and human characteristics. STOP and think:
WHERE do you live? Turn to a partner and tell them. How far is it from the school?

What does it look like in your home? Who lives there? Share with a partner. Relate. Relate.

STOP and think:

How does the climate/weather affect your daily life?

Share with a partner. Relate.

STOP and think.

Think about the city you live in. Use 3 words to describe it. Share them with a partner. Reflect.

What is one way that humans use the environment to help us?

What is one way that people can hurt the environment?

Share with a partner. Relate.

Have you ever travelled on an airplane or car to another province or country?

Where did you go?

Have you ever sent a letter or email to friends or family in a different country?

Tell your partner. What do YOU think
(Share you response with a partner)
Class ideas:
- Class will share ideas as teacher records here You will learn about Geography in grade 7, 8 and even grade 9!

Let's see what topics you might learn about. Grade 7
Geography Natural Resources Patterns in Physical Geography Themes of Geographic Inquiry Grade 8
Geography Patterns in Human Geography Economic Systems Migration Grade 9
Geography Space and Systems Human-Environment
Interactions Understanding and
Change Methods of Geographic Inquiry and Communication Here is an example. http://teachingkidsnews.com/2012/12/20/1-new-rules-for-foreign-ownership-of-canadian-companies/ http://teachingkidsnews.com/2012/02/13/some-canadian-immigration-policies-changing/ ? Location Where will
geography take
YOU? What might you want to do with geography?
Here is what some students in the UK think about Geography
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