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progeria prezi .

biology project : progeria

jennifer ramirez

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of progeria prezi .

health.nytmes.com By : Jennifer Ramirez
Period 4 Progeria Standards: 4a Students know the general pathway by which ribosomes synthesize proteins, using tRNAs to translate genetic information in mRNA.

4b Students know how to apply the genetic coding rules to predict the sequence of amino acids from a sequence of codons in RNA. Progeria Symptoms : progeria cells : born looking healthy
weak joints
growth failure
loss of eyebrows & eyelashes
visible veins
irregular heartbeat
diminished body fat
small lower jaw
short stature
growth likely stops at age 3
narrow face
large head kids with Progeria: 1 in every 4 to 8 million children have progeria.
Children diagnosed with progeria are born looking healthy. Its most likely visible to the age of 6-12 months or until 18 months of age.
- Around those months their characteristics begin to change.
- 13 children in the U.S have progeria
progeria doesn't affect them mentally
they are very happy & know their life is short for them so they live it the best they can
kids diagnosed with it have different backgrounds what is progeria? progeria is a rare sickness that can be seen by physical signs or characteristics of aging.

Progeras is the greek word for progeria. The "pro" in progeria means before and "geras" means old age. thanks for listening. (: video : rare global diseases.com medicalnewstoday.com References https://globalgenes.org/progeria-research-foundation-announces-positive-results-with-merck-drug-to-treat-rare-childhood-aging-disease/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Progeria http://progeria2010researchproject.weebly.com/characteristics--signs-of-progeria.html http://www.cnn.com/2011/HEALTH/07/01/progeria.treatment.aging.collins/index.html http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Progeria.png Progeria is an autosomal disorder. An autosomal disorder is a genetic condition that is caused by a single gene mutation. progeria is also known to be located in the first chromosome. Type of disorder & location The differnce between normal cells & progeria cells : Is there a cure? normal cell: progeria cell: creates LMNA(prelamin A)
Prelamin A has a farnesyl group attached to its end
The farnesyl is REMOVED from prelamin A
Then the cell ends up as prelamin A again in which it's a normal cell
Prelamin a ISN'T attached to the nucleus
Therefore that makes the nucleus normally shaped. creates LMNA (prelamin A)
Prelamin A has a farnesyl group attached to its end
The farnesyl is STILL ATTACHED to prelamin A
Then the cell is mutated to a protein called Progerin
The prelamin a IS attached to the nucleus
Since its attached the nucleus is abnormally shaped. Sadly, there is no cure but there is a treatment.
September of 2012 , Boston Children's Hospital found a treatments that's a drug. That drug is known as FTI (farnesyltransferase inhibitor).
It is a drug developed to make certain proteins that need farnesylation function.
This drug makes the production of Prelamin A stopso it doesn't mutate onto the nucleus.
With this drug patients with progeria have had slowing and reduced effects of progerin.
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