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The Importance of the Holocaust

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Daejen Butterfield

on 10 March 2017

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Transcript of The Importance of the Holocaust

We Need to Teach
We must teach our children about the greatest, most terrible, horrifying incident in all mankind, .
Teach our Children
The teaching of the Holocaust for children in schools is fundamental. To teach is to spread the truth, and if children do not hear the truth in schools, they can learn from other influences, influences that can be terrible.
We Must Hurry
If children would learn about the Holocaust from outside, unverified sources, the truth can be stretched and bent accordingly. The truth is not something to be played with. Children, our children, our future could be influenced by outside information, leading them to believe false information
We need to remember what happened during the second world war, and what terrible things some of our fellow countries didi and could do now for power. People have tried to deny the entirety of the Holocaust, denying the truth, accusing normal people of slander, and sometimes sentencing them to jail, depending on their royal status. You cannot deny the truth, no matter how powerful you are, or how long ago it was.
One Man, One Country, One Army
This man fed his country sponfuls of propoganda, bathed it in scapegoating, and put them to sleep on a bed of lies
The Holocaust
Hitler led his soldiers of the Third Reich and the German Population to believe they were the best, that they were descendants of Atlantians, of Gods.
We Need To Teach
Eventually, the teaching of the Holocaust may grow less and less each year; it can eventually fade out, but when we are ready to live without the memories of the pain, and to let go of the past.
This may never happen, but if the world can establish peace throughout every nation, we can get through the remediation needed to forget the horrible incident that took place during World War II
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