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Pythons In florida

No description

Incarnation Catholic

on 11 April 2017

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Transcript of Pythons In florida

Python Problems
My partner and I were given solutions to stop the problems. We thought it would be best to have open hunting permits with no bounty; it would also encourage the public to eat the meat. We thought that this was the best because a.) there is a minimal impact on other animals, b.) the American Alligator will have a 10% increase, and c.) there will be a 15% decrease in the python species. Also, the cost will be better than the other solutions because it is not more than $6.0 million, yet more than $500,00 so you are not losing a lot of money We think in the end that the python species will be lessened and not as efficient as it was before.
Though it has very good reasons to be the best solution, there really isn't a good time to have the hunting season. The pythons are most aggressive in spring where it is mating season. Yet there is less aggression in winter time, but they are less active at that time.
Pythons In The everglades
The Python population have recently moved to the Florida Everglades. The pythons have been disturbing the food chain by eating mid-sized animals such as raccoons, deer, bobcats, possums, and even alligators.
People have kept these snakes as exotic pets. When they don't want these pets anymore, they put them in the wild. Then the problem of nests and eggs happen then they try to get food and the cycle restarts again.
The graph shows the recent changes from 1995 to 2010 of the removal of pythons from parks and neighbors. As you could tell, from 1995 to 2001, there wasn't much activity to remove these reptiles, but in recent years, the charts show between 250 to 400 pythons being removed each year.
Facts About Open Hunting
Open hunting is when experienced people go into forests, or another place, to hunt for a bounty (but in our case there is no bounty). The solution would also include encouragement for eating the meat (as said before). There would be 15 rangers plus 2 media liaisons.
The Chart
In conclusion, snakes have been creating problems such as eating mid-sized animals and eating the alligators who are at the top of the food chain. We, members of the Everglades community and many other people, have been trying to find a solution to prevent these Pythons from causing other problems.
This picture shows a Python bursting open after eating the apex (which is the alligator). The picture also shows the food chain thrown off from what it was originally.
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