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Interactive Finance and More!

Neil Watkiss

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Codeweavers

Interactive Finance and More! Automotive Web Services Specialists
Established in 2001
Team of 25
Based in Dunston, Staffordshire Who are ? Expertise In: Interactive Finance
F&I Point-of-Sale
Video Production
Compliance Point of Sale 95% of Car Buyers Use the Internet to Research Their Purchase,
searching for "the right car" and "the best deal"

Interactive Calculators allow Dealers to present their vehicles more affordably than those of their competitors Why Interactive Finance Calculators? Listings Calculations
Detailed Calculations
Payment Search
Finance Videos
Sales Lead Generation
Secure Online Finance Proposal
Motor Insurance Quotations Functionality Listings Calculators Detailed Calculators Payment Search Finance Videos Lead
Generation Secure Online
Finance Proposal Motor Insurance Quotations You Are In Control Interactive Finance Calculators Video Production Manage your leads Access your management information Your Choice of Lender(s) Your Choice
of Finance Products You set your sell-out parameters... ...either globally or car-by-car. Manufacturer Used Car Locators Your Choice Of Finance Products

Your Choice of Lender(s)

You Set Your Sell-Out Margins

Manage Your Leads

Mirror Your Group Structure

Access Your Management Information Mirror your group structure Compliance Partners




http://www.bordermotorgroup.co.uk/ Links
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