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Braden Woods-Nowhere to Call Home

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of Braden Woods-Nowhere to Call Home

Chapter Summaries (20-24)
Chapters 20-24:
Frankie tells Stewpot that she has an aunt living in Chicago and wanted both of them to go there. Then, Frankie decides to be in charge for a change, and tells Stewpot what to do.
Frankie & Stewpot arrive in North Dakota. Once, they arrived there, they decide to hide in a small shack. After awhile, Frankie decides to go get supplies; medicine for Stewpot, food, blankets, and clothes. As Stewpot stayed behind to rest up, considering he was already really sick. Frankie even had to aid him on the train when he was burning up.
Now, their goal was to see the Rocky Mountains, and on that very train ride they did. Both stared at the scenery with such amazement and enthusiasm, that before they knew it, they had arrived in Washington. There they found a Hooverville town, but what they came upon wasn't as good as suspected.
Stewpot soon became so sick that he actually passes away. Jack, a hobo they met in the Hooverville, said that Stewpot possessed a disease called, pneumonia.
Chapter Summaries (17-19)
Chapters 17-19:
Frankie and Stewpot meet a small group of hobo's to get advice. And Frankie noticed a girl and saw that she seemed lifeless. She asks Stewpot about the little girl, and says that she is lucky to be with a group who would take her in. This conversation led to the point where Stewpot explains who Murph was. Which led to the point where Frankie finally confesses to Stewpot that she comes from a rich back groud, and that she's a girl.
Later, after arriving in St. Louis, Frankie & Stewpot get caught by the police, and taken to the police station to stay the night. They were forced by the police to board another train, to get out of town.
Though they were forced to take a train, they still decided to head to Iowa. Where they stayed at a mission. There they got cleaned up, ate food, chose a place to sleep, and worshiped God.
Chapter Summaries (11-13)
Chapters 11-13:
The day after Frankie, Stewpot and the rest of the group had their very nice meal. Frankie's traveling bag is lost, and she goes to search for it. Soon the rest of them were helping to look for the lost item. Then, before you knew it they found it nearby the campsite. And Frankie looked inside of it to find out that her silver items were stolen. From her trimmed brush and comb to her mirror. All of her valuable items were gone, but not her books and clothes.
Though her items may be gone, she had to get over it. So Frankie and Stewpot went to go get food before heading to the freight yard, so they could travel somewhere else. Now, they didn't just go get food, but they also went to go buy a pocket knife for Frankie. As well as, a tobacco store.
Once they gathered all the supplies needed to travel, both board another freight train to head West towards the Rocky Mountains.
Chapter Summaries (8-10)
Chapters 8-10:
Once Frances met Stewpot for the first time, he mentioned to Frankie that there supposed to arrive in Pittsburgh. And sure enough they did, and both decided, after getting off the train, to go use the restroom, while they also go clean themselves up in a pool of water in the forest.
Later, they encountered five other hobo's, persumed to be girls and boys. There names are Vera, Dot, Plain Jane, Blink, and Peg-Leg Al.
Then, Frankie and Stewpot were ordered to go find some grub, so them and the other five can eat. Therefore, they went out to go work out on the potato farm all day, and earned enough food to count as a full dinner. Then, after the long days of work, they brought the food back to the others and ate their dinner for the first time in a long time.
Chapter Summaries (5-7)
Chapter 5:
Frances cab arrived at her front door around eight o'clock in the morning. As she was leaving she said her final goodbyes to her maids and butlers of the house in Philedelphia. Then, she rode the cab all the way to the train station, and bought a train ticket to Chicago Illinois. After that, she boarded the train, and began to second thoughts. During this feeling, she discovered she can redeem her train ticket for its full value. Therefore, she did that and received the full value, and was told to take a taxi back home. However, she thought otherwise and just decided to run away from the cab and train station.

Chapters 6-7:
In these chapters Frances arrives at the Philadelphia Freight yard. While she was visiting the freight yard, she encountered two bums boarding a boxcar, and a cop asking her why she was in such a place like this freight yard.
Later, Frances went to go buy a pair of boys clothes with the money she received from redeeming her train ticket. Once, she finished purchasing her boys clothes, she decided to that clipping her hair off would make her look more like a boy.
When she finished cutting her hair, she boarded a freight train. As she started riding the freight train she thought she was all alone, until she realized she wasn't alone. That's when she encountered another important character in the book named, Stewpot.
Chapter Summaries (3-4)
Chapter 3:
Mr. Fletcher told Frankie that she was to leave at 8:40 the following morning and arrive at Chicago at 7:20 the following morning after that. He then hands Frankie five dollars, enough for food on the train and for cab fare. After that Frankie went up to her room and began packing some personal items. Like her mirror, comb, brush, and sewing kit. Once she finished Frankie and the rest of the servant began to meet in the dining room to have one last meal together, Frankie figured there wouldn't be any music playing tonight. Though instead of music playing, each servant explained there plans on what there going to do once they leave. And one caught Frankie's eye, which was to go and become a hobo.

Chapter 4:
Frankie spent the whole afternoon in her room wondering why her father chose the path he did. She could recall the rules her father made, and what she could think is that suicide was wrong. And that her father was a coward for leaving her innocent daughter to fend for herself in this world. All because he lost his fortunes. The words, "It's not fair, It's not fair," ran through her mind as she lay there still thinking why.
Later, that evening, after supper, Frankie went to talk with Junius. The one who mentioned the idea of becoming a hobo. Frankie went to talk to him about that topic, to see if it was fit for her. However, Junius soon told Frankie that being a hobo means that you have no life o home, and have nothing to loose. Therefore, Frankie shouldn't have the idea of becoming a hobo because she has someone who is willing to take her in and take care of her.
Chapter Summaries(1-2)
Chapter 1
Frankie is suddenly awakened by a noise that forever will remain inside her own thoughts. For a awhile she wondered what was the cause of the ruckus, until she glimpsed out her own window to see a police vehicle parked outside her very own house. Then, one of many of Frankie's maids answered the door to let them in.
They then lead the officers into Frankie's father's office. Confused on what was occurring, Frankie began to work her way towards her Father's office until she found out the most horrible news she will ever hear. Her own father committed suicide, and now Frankie is an orphan and penniless.

Chapter 2:
Frankie awoke the next morning still believing her father was still alive inside her heart. She could recall that all her Father's orders kept everyone in motion, Frances and the servants. Once, all that ran through her head, she went downstairs to be greeted by all the servants. Then, Gordon told Frankie that she was to go to her Aunt Bushnell's house to be taken care of.
Frankie however, disliked the fact that now she has to live at some families house, when she barely knew her. Later, Cleveland Fletcher, lawyer of the bank, came to the house to tell everyone that all the contents of the house are being sold to cover Frankie's fathers debts. And that everyone will leave the upcoming Friday, to go back home or somewhere just not there at the house. While Frankie was told she was to travel to her Aunt Bushnell's house in Chicago, Illinois.
"Nowhere to Call Home"
By: Braden Woods
(Frankie Blue
Chapter Summaries (25-26)
Chapters 25-26:
Frankie Realizes that Stewpot actually is gone, and she has to face the facts to move on. Frankie & Jack quickly went to go barry Stewpot with respect;Frankie says her final goodbye.
Then, Frankie decides to go buy a one way ticket to Chicago, Illinois. Though nervous, she got on and off the train, and wandered to her Aunt Bushnell's house. She began to recall all the moments her, Stewpot, and the rest of the hobo's participated in. Thinking that everything is going to be alright.
Frankie soon arrives on the front porch of her aunt's house, becoming more nervous then ever. Then, she sees a hobo sign on the front gate, meaning that a nice women lived here. Once, Frankie saw that, she gladly knocked on the front door.
Chapter Summaries (14-16)
Chapters 14-16:
When Frankie and Stewpot were aboard the train. Frankie kept on asking, what were the cigar boxes for? The ones they went to get at the tobacco store.
Well, what Frankie discovered and learned was how to perform whittlin'. (carve in pieces of wood to create an artistic look to them)
Even if that wasn't enough for her to take in for one day. She even discovered about Stewpot's past life before the Great Depression.
Plus, Frankie read books to Stewpot to pass the time until they both fell asleep. Then, before they knew it, they arrived in Cincinnati. And both had to eagerly/quickly get off the moving train without getting caught by the guards. They did succeed in not getting caught, so they decide to get out of the freight yard to find a place to get some grub.
Soon they found a kind women, who kindly let them inside to eat bacon, eggs, and toast as long as they agreed to clear her front walk. Both, of course, agreed.
About the Author:
Born at Philadelphia in 1951
Cynthia DeFelice is an American children's book author. She has written 16 novels, and 12 picture books for young readers. Her intended audience for her novels is children at the reading level of ages nine to twelve.
Her father was a psychiatrist, and her mother was an English teacher, who stopped working to raise DeFelice and her siblings.
Cynthia credits her mother for sparking her interest in books.
Among her three siblings is US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter
Currently lives in Geneva, New York

Plain Jane
Peg-Leg Al
Frankie's Father
Aunt Bushnell
Historical Facts:

You will not only enjoy the amazing details of the story. You will also learn many new historical facts. For instance, here are some facts just to name a few.

Hobo's used pieces of newspaper as toilet paper
Hobo's would complete any task, or even steal to get food
President Herbert Hoover was President at the time
Police from different cities and towns were anxious to find hobo's and to kick them out
There were certain places called missions where they allowed people to stay and eat warm food, if they agreed to work and to have a worship service.

Hobo Slang Words:

You can also find in this marvelous, hobo slang. Meaning that the people who were effected during the Great Depression, actually formulated there very own hobo language. Here is a taste of what you will see throughout this story.

Misery- a cup of coffee * Frill- girl
sand- sugar * Flophouse- mission
Big Chi- Chicago Illinois
Stew Bum - a drunk
Bulls- freight train guards
Cincy- Cincinnati
St. Louie- St. Louis
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