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15 years of GalGael

a fly-through the last 15 years of GalGael

Gehan Macleod

on 21 March 2016

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Transcript of 15 years of GalGael

15 years of GalGael
GalGael grew out grew out of an environmental campaign in one of the most deprived areas of Glasgow...
...we lost the campaign but learned many things including how to make community in a difficult space, how to take responsibility and articulate our concerns.
We created GalGael as a vehicle to take forward what we’d learned and to move from being about what we didn’t want to what we did want.
Navigate Life 05-12
...effective at engaging those furthest from the world of work
...over the six years, we worked with 445 people from backgrounds of addiction, conviction and mental health;
...202 people acquired an SVQ qualification
...over 66 returned to contribute as volunteers
...Navigate Life offered a workbench, tools and respect as the basis of a restorative journey lasting 12 weeks.
Through Navigate Life we believe we’ve created a cultural anchor point around which local people are re-kindling skills, community and a sense of purpose. At our workbenches, we are rebuilding self-respect. In our workshops, boats and lives are being rebuilt.
‘where nothing gets thrown out, especially people’
‘the place that saved my life’
‘a family’
'the only place I’ve ever learnt anything useful'
‘where I learned to respect myself and folk around me’
going forward...
...journey on
...social enterprise
...boat building
early days
‘Every single day here is a great day...a different day.... always learning’.
...Gal Gaidheal were a 9thC people...the Gal - the ‘strange or foreign’ Norse, embraced by the Gael - the 'heartland people’ ...
...recognises that there is both a bit of the stranger and a bit of the native in us all
...first workshop
...self-directed development opportunities through our core activities;
...grounded in practical activities & traditional skills;
...reconnect people with the best within themselves through positive learning journeys;
an inspirational work place... a place of respect... a workplace that challenges, inspires and creates the conditions conducive to learning; a place where mistakes are not only made but owned as our best teachers, where issues are left at the door and new identities forged.
...producing wooden products;
or handcrafting furniture;
...processing Scottish timber;
or helping out at a events;
...working alongside a boat builder;
112 people a year...
...45 people achieving a positive destination
...more confidence, sense of worth & self esteem ...higher aspirations & levels of motivation
...strengthened sense of values & positive behavioural change
...positive identities that reduce stigma and change personal stories
& outcomes such as...
...create self-reliance at an organisational level at the same time as enabling self-reliance in our participants;
...grow self-generated income streams so as to continue offering support to those who need it most;
...create opportunities for self-directed development and learning;
...wooden products;
...Scottish hardwoods & milling;
...Makers: bespoke commissions;
...cultural events.
“Why boats? It has to do with the ritual, of involving the community in building something that has part of them in it. All these planks somehow go together and make a boat. And that boat somehow can hold us, take us all on a voyage. The voyage of a busted-up community to a better future.” Colin Macleod
charitable status
many folk are part of our story...
Colin Macleod, our founder, was clear about this not being “setting up a charity” but rather “reconvening peoplehood”.
re-rooting notions of identity & belonging in nourishing ground
Orcuan launched
move to Fairley Street
Navigate Life starts...
Gift of the Gael launched
sailed to N. Ireland
Scottish Boat Show
Portsoy Traditional Boat Festival
Democracy Beacon
Boxing Day storms...
Given to the People film
rowed to Isle of Eigg
show people's yard
moved to Arthurlie St.
built a yawl with Iain Best
Glasgow River Festival
first Open Day - Govan Old
Clydebrae Street
Bannockburn Youth Shelter
Barmaddy Farmhouse
Colin Murdo Macleod 1966-05
Orcuan relaunched
Timber production starts
thank you for being part of our story so far...
...hope you'll be with us for the next chapter
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