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The Misconceptions and Culture of Hip Hop Music By Steph

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Angelo Celidonio

on 6 April 2015

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Transcript of The Misconceptions and Culture of Hip Hop Music By Steph

The Situation...
The need for a change in the way youth looks at hip hop.
Ways we can do this without infringing on an artist's right to create.
The way our world will look because of it.
Popular Rap's obsession with violence.
Has been a subject of rap since the 1980s.
Increased as a result of MTV.
Still very popular in modern rap/radio music.
Youth Exposure
Most only listen to what plays on the radio and those subjects.
Most listen to "gangsta shit" to pump them up to commit a crime.
Half of youth say that bass heavy music effects them negatively.
Promote more positive rappers!
Promote more women rappers or rappers who respect women!
Most of the youth said they ddn't know any female rappers.
They also said that they learn how to treat women from this music.
Show them women rappers like Lauryn Hill, or show them rappers who respect women. (Ex: Andre 3000, Common)
Popular rap generalizes black culture
Only glimpse into "black culture" is radio rap music.
It ingrains an idea of black culture, not just for other races but for African Americans too.
Popular Hip Hop and How It Affects Today's Youth
By Stephen Celidonio

"Hood Work"
Organization that focuses on "educational and prosocial messaging for youths that are enacted within and through Hip Hop."
If we enact these solutions...
Youth will be taught how to benefit society.
Crime might not be as prevalent in the future.
Youth will learn to think and decide on their own.
If we do not enact these solutions...
Children will continue to listen to popular rap.
This will teach them values not beneficial to society.
These values will be passed on to the children of other generations!
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