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John Joubert

No description

Kat Worley

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of John Joubert

John Joubert Born:
John Joseph Joubert IV
July 2, 1963
Lawrence, Mass Facts: Very Bright Child, IQ of 123
Parents divorced when he was 6 years old & stayed to live with his mother.
Greatly resented her throughout his life as being excessively controlling.
Mother forbade him from seeing his father.
Often stood in the way of him developing connections with his peers
Spanked him up until he was 12
Had problems with his peers, they taunted him on the basis of his relatively small build from the time he was in grade school up until high school The Fantasies: From a very young age, Joubert began having increasingly violent sadistic fantasies. According to 3 psychiatric reports prepared on Joubert in 1984, his earliest sadistic fantasies began around the age of 6. These fantasies revolved around murdering & cannibalizing a neighborhood girl who babysat him. To one psychiatrist, he described having nothing personal against the girl seeing her as "just someone to kill. 1971, Joubert's mother moved them into a rundown apartment.
He was considered an outcast at school, & sought to reconcile for these feelings of isolation by joining cub-scouts.
Sadistic and homicidal fantasies progressed to the point where he contemplated murdering strangers on the streets, tying & gagging those who resisted him.
1974 Joubert's mother moved his family to Portland, Maine.
Attened school in Portland.
Problems with his peers began to intensify.
Confessed at 12 yrs old to having homosexual tendencies, & was further teased & ostracized. The start of Violence: At 13, he stabbed a young girl with a pencil & felt sexually stimulated when she cried out. The next day, he took a razor blade & slashed another girl, while biking. He beat & nearly strangled another boy. He relished the power of bullying, & continued to brutally attack his peers & younger children. At 16, he nearly strangled to death an 8 yr old boy named Chris Day. Each offense occurred with gradually higher intensity, & each time Joubert successfully evaded getting caught. When & Where: August 22, 1982, Portland, Maine
Victim: 11yr old Richard "Ricky" Stetson
How: Went jogging & when he hadn't returned by dark, his parents called the police. The next day, a motorist saw the boy's body on the side of I-295. The attacker appeared to have attempted to undress him, & then stabbed & strangled him.
A suspect was arrested for the murder, but his teeth did not match a bite mark on Stetson's body. The guy was released after a 1 1/2 yrs in custody. No additional leads presented themselves in the case until January 1984. Murder: When & Where: Sunday, Sept. 18, 1983 / Bellevue, Nebraska.
How: Disapeared while delivering newspapers. His brother, who was also delivering remembered being followed by a white man in a tan car. Danny had only delivered 3/70 newspapers on his route. His bicycle was discovered on the 4th delivery, along with the rest of the newspapers. There appeared to be no sign of a struggle. Joubert describe how he had approached Eberle with a knife & then covered the boy's mouth with his hand. He instructed Danny to follow him to his truck & drove him to a gravel road outside the town.
Danny's body was discovered 3 days after searching, about 4 miles from his bicycle. He had been stripped to his underwear, his feet & hands had been bound, & his mouth had been taped with surgical tape. Joubert had stabbed him 9 times. The FBI was called in & the investigation followed several leads, including a young man who was arrested for molesting 2 young boys about a week after the crime. He failed a polygraph test & had a false alibi but did not fit the profile the FBI had created for the murderer. He was released due to a lack of evidence. Other known pedophiles in the area were also questioned, but the case went cold due to a scarcity of evidence. Danny Joe Eberle's Murder: Christopher Walden's Murder: When & Where: Dec. 2 1983 / Papillion, Nebraska,
Chris's body was found about 3 miles from where Danny's body was found. Witnesses claimed to have scene a white man in a tan car. Joubert admitted that he had driven up to Walden as he walked, showed him the sheath of his knife & ordered him into the car. After driving to some railways lines out of town, he ordered Walden to strip to his underwear which he did. But then Walden refused to lie down. After a brief struggle, Joubert overpowered & then stabbed him. Joubert cut Walden's throat so deep that he was almost decapitated. Walden's body was found 2 days later 5 miles from the town. Although the crimes were similar, there were differences. Walden had not been bound. However, he had been concealed better, & was thought to have been killed immediately. The Arrest: The Trials & Appeals: Evidence: Hair samples
Dental Impressions
The Rope
Rope Fiber Arrested: Jan. 11, 1984
A preschool Teacher reported a suspicious man.
Warrant issued to search his home & car.
Rope & hair fibers were found in the car.
January 12th charged with 2 counts of murder and held for trial
July 3rd, after initially pleading not guilty, he pleaded guilty to both counts.
Several psychiatric assessments: obsessive-compulsive, sadistic, & suffering from schizoid personality disorder.
A panel of 3 judges decided he had killed the boys to avoid detection, Joubert should be executed.
His case in Nebraska was making authorities in Portland, Maine, take another look at one of their own cases.
Hair samples and dental impressions made the case against Joubert.
Dr. Lowell Levine, the director of the Forensic Science Unit for the New York State Police, confirmed that Joubert had bitten Stetson.
Charged for the boy's murder & convicted, as well as sentenced to death in late 1990.
July 17, 1996, he was executed.
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