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on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of LOUISIANA

Louisiana was the 18th state to join the U.S
Bobby Jindal is the governor
population 4.602 million
Louisiana is 43,562 square miles
the capital is Baton rouge
The Mississippi river ends in New Orleans
Thousands of years ago native american lived in the area
The Mississippi river deposed sediment (practicals of earth) as it empties in to the gulf of Mexico farming a delicate triangle shaped piece of land.
Louisiana is the third largest producer of petroleum.
cotton,rice,and soybeans began Louisiana's economy.
The main elements of the Louisiana economy are:the production of minerals,practically oil and natural gas.
petroleum is the biggest part of the economy
Louisiana contains just under 10 percent of all known U.S. oil reserves.
Louisiana ranks second in the nation in primary production of petrochemicals
The capital of Louisiana is Baton rouge.
the government is Bobby Jindal.
Louisiana judges follow rules based In part on a code
written by french emperor Napoleon Bonaparte
The powers of the government of the state are divided
into three separate branches legislative executive and
judicial.Exept as otherwise provided by the constitution.No
one these branches, nor any person holding office in one of them, shall exercise power belonging to either of the other.
There is 1 democrat and five republicans in Louisiana .
Bobby jindal first ran in 2003
The history of Louisiana is long and rich.From its earliest settlement by native americans to its status as linchpin of the french empire to its incorporation as a U.S. state.
Louisiana was home to the earliest mound complex in
north America earliest dated complex constructions in
the Americas,the Watson brake site near Monroe.
The first european explores to visit Louisiana came in 1528 when a spanish expedition led by Panfilo de narvalez
Louisiana is 43,562 square miles
Louisiana was the 18th state to join the U.S.on April 30 1812

some of the petroleum is located in Shreveport Louisiana
Bobby Jindal lives in Baton rouge
this is baton rouge
the coushatta tribe is located Allen,Jefferson Davis Parishes,Louisiana
Vicksburg is one of the cities that the Mississippi river goes threw.
Fun facts
road maps
political map
Economic map
Geographic map
Shreveport,La to Baton rouge is 25l miles it will take you 3 hours and 45 minutes
Allen to Vicksburg is 183 miles it will take you 3 hours and 12 minutes.
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