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All About Digital Cameras

Day 1

K Soliman

on 28 September 2016

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Transcript of All About Digital Cameras

NHS Digital 1
All About
Digital Cameras

Basic and smallest unit of a photography
1 Megapixel = 1 million pixels
Most basic digital cameras have 6-9 MP
What's a pixel and how many do I need?
Refers to the number of pixels, both horizontally and vertically
The higher the resolution, the finer the image details will be
Camera Phones
Types of Digital Cameras
Beginning to offer more options and features
Easy to send
Low resolution
Low quality for print
Limited features
Limited zoom
Top of the line
High resolution images
Accept interchangeable lenses and accessories
Function automatically but use manual controls
Can purchase body and lenses separately
Prices are moderately high to extremely expensive
$500 and upwards of $3000
SLR - Single Lense Reflex
The larger the sensor the better the image quality
Allows you to shoot more of a scene
The smaller the sensor, the less of the scene you shoot
So the More Megapixels I have...
the better my photo quality will be?
How can a 6mp SLR take a better
photo than a 10mp point and shoot?
All pixels are not made the same
Larger sensors have larger pixels recording an image and do it better
SLRs have large sensors
Point and shoots have small sensors
Megapixels vs. Print Size
ALWAYS buy a memory card
Memory Cards: What kinds?
SD (secure digital) small, reliable
SDHC (secure digital high capacity) greater storage capacity
MiniSD: 1/2 size of SD, small digital cameras or cell phones
CompactFlash: large and square-- range of speeds for SLRs
The faster the card, the more expensive
How big of a memory card do I need?
alkaline- non rechargeable
very short battery life
Camera Batteries
Can be used over and over
Longer battery life
Lithium batteries
Long battery life
More expensive
Movement Compensation
Nikon VR= vibration reduction
Canon IS= Image Stabilization
Pentax SR=Shake Reduction
Sony SSS=Super Steady-Shot
Zoom- Digital or Optical?
Optical Zoom
Lens physically extends to magnify object
W= Wide angle
T= telephoto
Digital Zoom
Crops your image and magnifies result
Gives poorer results
Some cameras have both and will warn you when it changes to use digital zoom
Parts of a Digital Camera
Once you delete photos from your camera.... are they really gone???
Some Questions
What happens when you FORMAT your memory card?
What should you do if you accidentally delete all of your photos?
Ultra Compact
Very small, lightweight, easty to use, can be carried in a shirt pocket
varying range of features
prices from $100-$300
Compact Cameras
Advanced Point and Shoots
High quality lenses
Advanced features
Better zoom range
Manual features
Mirrorless cameras
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