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Upon a spider Catching a fly

No description

Jajuan Blaney

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Upon a spider Catching a fly

Upon a spider Catching a fly
Literary Devices
Spider- Satan
Wasp- Man of God
Fly- Not a man of God
Web- Sins

This poem talks about how Satan can catch anyone in a web of sins and easily kill someone strayed from God (the Fly) rather than killing someone that follows the lord and has his protection (The Wasp and the Wasp's stinger). Satan is scared of God and his power, and will only attack those who do not follow God. The ones who follow God will have eternal happiness and glory.
The Wasp and The Spider.
Web of sins that caught the fly.
The Fly a.k.a The Person who sins.
Connects To Adam and Eve.
Written around late 1600’s , early 1700’s. Viewed in the voice and mind of a puritan. So the gist of this poem is a message from GOD. Using insects as the character roles in the message. No dictionary around this time so spelling is in tongues like the bible. Symbols sin and Righteousness. Author was a minister of a church in West field, Massachusetts for 50 years, but was born in The Countryside of England in 1642.

*Look At The Little Spider*
2. How is this poem different from other works in the time period?
a. No one in this time believed in God.
b. Most written works focused on Hell (instead of being saved by God).
c. Everyone was always forgiving and happy in this time.
3. What is the rhyme scheme?
Quiz Time
Have you been paying attention?

Sure you Have :)

The Following Sticky Notes will contain questions for you guys.

So stay tuned.
Extra Info.
Long Story short: the spider is Satan, the fly has strayed from God's path, the wasp is an angel protected by God, and the web symbolizes a trap/sin.
1. Who is the one that strays from God's path?
c. Fly
The fixed rhyme scheme that follows an ABABB pattern that helps mold the stanzas together, causing them to flow into each other more smoothly. Additionally, the absence of alliteration creates a more suspenseful tone, highlighting the tension caused by the spider.
Through the extended metaphor throughout the poem, the revealed meaning toward the end adds certain intensity to the symbolism. The spider, a scheming, evil creature like the devil, spins a web of sin, catching both the fallen man and righteous man: the fallen man, a fly that is quickly eaten, is a stereotype of society. Spiders commonly catch flies, and there is nothing special about that. However, the wasp that gets caught in the web has the power to get out. He is depicted as the righteous man who is saved by the Grace of God, and is superior to the fly. Wasps are not as commonly caught in a spider’s web, just as those who believe in God are not as often caught falling for the devil’s lies and schemes.
a. Web
b. Spider
c. Fly
d. Wasp
Around this period of time , people had a more negative views and opinions of religion.
This poem differs from others in this time period because , it enlightens you of god being able to save you and that he is Gracious.
Eve ate the forbidden fruit God specifically told her not to eat, but because of the temptation she eats it anyway and purity dies.
Relates To Poem :
The spider spins a web that is meant to trap
those who fall easily, like the fly. The wasp
was able to evade the web, just as Adam
obeyed God. Eve, like the fly, fell for
the devil's tricks. The fly died
just as Eve's purity died.
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