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Programming Unit 6 P2

No description

Matthew Howarth

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of Programming Unit 6 P2

If a language isn't reliable, then it might not be the best choice to pick depending on the requirements. However, if the requirements are quite simple then it might not matter too much that language isn't reliable. you would have to know if it is likely to crash and if it does, how hard would it be to fix.
Depending on the policies of the organization depends on whether or not your going to have to buy different operating systems, For example, Mac based or Windows. When making your choice you have to think what policies does the organization have, and whether this will effect your choice. If it does, you would have to find out what languages you wouldn't be able to use. The most popular to use is Microsoft software as it has a lot of support since it is one of the largest software vendors.
When picking a Language the choice of available features and tools, is very important, because if you don't have the right tools it would make the use of the language extremely hard and a huge time waster. also if they are not what you are used to it would make confusing to work with. Will the language you are thinking of work on the platform. For example Visual Basic only works on Microsoft software.
Suitability of available Features and Tools
Organizational Policy
When choosing your programming language it is important to think about the size of the organization you are creating it for, so that the organization can expand and allow more users to access the language. A language that could cope with a large amount of users would be Visual Basic, as it could handle thousands of users. A good expandable programming language is object oriented programming. When picking a language you would need to think about how many different people will the solution have to support and whether the language can expand to fit requirements. PHP is a programming language which supports large computer groups working closely together.
Another thing to be considered is the language your thinking of quite a common one or is it complicated. This would mean that someone will be required to train in that language. This would cost the organization money. If a project were to be written in C++, a team of highly trained workers that know popular languages such as C++ and other popular languages like java too would have to be hired.
Availability of Trained Staff
Development and Maintenance Cost
Cost plays a huge part in choosing what language to use . Some languages are free to buy and use whereas some languages cost. This means you would have to balance performance and cost to achieve to best chance of creating a good profit. When comparing costs you would have to see if there is a cheaper option that is just as good.
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